Thursday, July 19, 2007


Things went very well for my little man Tuesday morning. We were in and out in about 5 minutes. The choice to visit his father now belongs to him and for that he is very happy. Unfortunately, this now means that his sister must visit their father alone. This is quite bothersome for everyone concerned and we're praying that she will also be given the right to choose. So once again, thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated. :-)

I have other exciting news but it will have to wait for now it is time to get the littlest princess to bed...

wish me luck.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm Still Alive

So much has happened in the past few weeks (Yes, I said few weeks. I can't stand to admit it's been a month. There. I said it. Month. I'm such a slacker.) since I last posted.

My sweet little man turned 16 on July 11th! It was a very emotional day. I took him to DMV to take his permit test (which he passed on the first try) and we went driving for over 2 hours in the afternoon. It rained in the afternoon just as it had the day he was born. It seemed as though just yesterday the nurse put him in my arms for the first time. So tiny and sweet. And cuddly. So cuddly. I miss those days. He's still just as sweet though and I'm so proud of the young man he's grown to be. Caring. Thoughtful. Considerate. Polite. Amazing sense of humor. I'm very much looking forward to the years ahead. Even though I wish they would slow down. ;-)

Signups have opened for Secret Pal 11. Click the link to be taken to the signup page. It'll be lots of fun.

I have been knitting. Honest. I finished a little hat last night that almost fits the littlest princess. Since I knit tight I wasn't quite knitting to gauge and I wasn't worried about it because I was really just doing it to see how the pattern knit up. My friend was trying to knit it and was having a little trouble so I tried it to see what the deal was. I really love the pattern (Fiber Trends Ear Cozies) and plan to knit another with larger needles so it'll actually fit an adult head.

I signed up for the Mystery Stole 3 project. I started my stole the day I joined and made it to row 41 before screwing up so badly that I couldn't fix my own mistake and had to rip the entire thing. I will start it over really soon though because I absolutely love it. I've got ebony Zephyr sitting here on my desk calling my name.

I've almost completed the last cabled sweater I was working on. All it needs is some seaming and the collar. I just might do that this afternoon.

I finished a sock for Bran and started it's mate.

I ripped my Aunt Noreen's sock out and am back to the heel again. I totally didn't need to rip the entire sock but I was having a bad day. It's STR so it gave me a good excuse to knit with it a little longer. Yeah. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I started a My So Called Scarf in some great hand dyed yarn that Laura (thanks again so very much!!!) shared with me some time ago. It's perfect for the pattern and is working up so nicely.

There's more but I can't seem to think of them right now. I'll be sharing pictures really soon. Like maybe tomorrow or Wednesday. Most likely Wednesday. Tomorrow is court for Dan (hopefully for Darcie too) and I'm a wreck like usual. If you could all please say a prayer or keep us in your thoughts it will be greatly appreciated. I'll check in quickly tomorrow to let you know how they make out.

Thanks for the kick in the pants Leslie! ;-)