Sunday, April 30, 2006

Head Bangin' Fun

Dan had his first track meet on Thursday. He's throwing shot put and discus and he does incredibly well. Better than some of the high school kids in fact. Pretty impressive for a middle school kiddo. He's one of only 3 boys from the middle school who were chosen to be on the high school varsity track team. I'm so proud that he's found a spot for himself. He's made some really great friends at the high school which is awesome since he's very quiet and generally has a hard time getting to know people. I feel much better about his transition into high school next year.

After we left the track meet (me, Dailaesse & my Aunt Noreen because it was visitation day for Dan and Darcie and their asshole father won't let Darcie go to the meet with me or Dan ride home after the meet with me) we went to grab a quick bite to eat at Wendy's. We got out of the van and crossed the parking lot. Dailaesse was actually pulling me across the parking lot because she loves Wendy's and couldn't wait to get in. I went to open the door for her and she ran at the same time. I'm sure you can guess what happened. Dailaesse's forehead and the door connected. She stepped back a little and grabbed her head and started screaming. I scooped her up and gave her lots of kisses and she was fine. Thank God it didn't leave a mark. She had a great time at the meet so I think that helped to balance out her mood after her fight with the door.

In knitting news, I finished my Sixth Sense socks and I love them to pieces. I worked these in Koigu KPPPM. The color number is P535 29. They are so comfy and the fit is incredible. I was really concerned about the heel since the short rows tend to be a little shallow but it's perfect. I liked the pattern so much that I've cast on for a pair for Bran in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport Shadow and Charcoal. What do you think about it so far? Honestly? I'm still not so sure about the cuff but I keep thinking that once I get done I'll like it a lot better. I plan to use the Shadow for heels and toes. Should be a nice balance. I hope.

Don't forget today is the last day to sign up for Secret Pal 8.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

An Accident Waiting to Happen

Last month my husband had to go out of town for training for work. He called before he left and told me he was on his way. About 15 minutes past the time I expected him to arrive he called. Our conversation went like this:

Bran: Hey honey. Could you come get me?

Me: What happened?

Bran: Something broke in the front end of the Jeep and the wheel fell off.

Me: You have got to be shitting me. Where are you?

Bran: Half way between home and Tupper Lake.

Me: We're on our way.

So I get the baby bundled up. (It was cold and snowy) I run up to go to the bathroom. I have my hand on the door ready to walk out of the house when the phone rings again. It's Bran.

Bran: If you wanna give me about 15 minutes I think I can get the wheel back on and be on my way. I think I'm far enough out of the road to get it jacked up.

Me: Too late. Already have the baby dressed and was walking out the door. If I don't meet you on the way we'll sit and watch out for you while you're working on the wheel.

So out we go. We drive and drive and drive. No Brandon. I drive some more. I'm almost to Tupper and there's no Brandon. I start wondering if he meant he was halfway between school and Tupper. I call him to see if he can tell me what's around him but there's no answer. I had a bad feeling. Just as I started to think maybe something had happened to him I round a corner to find emergency flares, troopers, ambulances, fire trucks, and tons of volunteer rescue vehicles. I mumble to myself about this being the day for accidents and hope that it won't slow me down. I no sooner get done mumbling when I see my husbands Jeep on its nose in a ditch. When I say on its nose I mean I couldn't see anything but the ass of the jeep sticking straight out of the ditch. I panicked. Then when I couldn't see my husband anywhere I really panicked. I pulled up, threw the van in park and tried to find the flashers. When I couldn't find them I started swearing. I grabbed Dailaesse and started running towards the Jeep. All I could imagine was that he had been on the side of the road with the Jeep jacked up and someone had plowed he and the Jeep into the ditch. Then he walked out from behind one of the rescue vehicles. Now I'm not quite sure exactly why, but I started screaming at him. Loud. I was nuts. I'm told I told him he was lucky he hadn't died because if he had I would have killed him. I guess once I realized he was safe I had a little meltdown. It's all a little blurry to me now. Anyway, come to find out the Jeep was in the same spot it had been when he called to tell me he needed me to go get him. But remember the conversation? He said he thought he was far enough out of the road to get it jacked up. Wouldn't you assume that meant he had broken down in the middle of the road? I did. Never in a million years did I expect to find the Jeep 10 feet OFF the SIDE of the road in a ditch. The tow truck came and pulled the Jeep out. He put the wheel back on and we came home.

Tonight we mentioned to the kids that Bran has to go out of town for school again on Thursday and Friday. Dailaesse pipes up and asks her father...

"Daddy, when do you plan to have an accident again? I just want to know so I can be ready to come get you. You know, that was really scary to me."

Bran tried explaining to her that you never plan to have an accident. That's why it's called an accident. Took about 15 minutes before they finally both gave up and dropped the subject. I wish it was that easy though. To be given some warning. Wouldn't that be nice? "Hey honey. I'm heading home. Might want to start getting the baby dressed. I think I'll have an accident on the way home tonight." At least you'd know what to expect.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Postcards from the Edge


After all the good times we had together you had to go and share your little indiscretions with the world. You made me look inadequate. I am so hurt. I gave you some of the best hours of my life. I thought we would be together forever but you tossed me aside like I was nothing more than a pair of sweaty gym socks. I heard you say how much you loved me and wanted me. You led me on. How can you be so cruel? And then you try to make nice by setting me up with your daughter. That worked out real well huh? "Some days you're the turd and some days you're the sock," you say. I've never been so humiliated. You're nothing but a hoe. You better hope I don't develop large gaping holes or I'm calling the sock police.

-Chutes N Ladders in Carol Green

So the socks have issues. I told you yesterday they were childish. Geesh. And about the turd thing, I put them in the wash right away. What more do these things want from me? I wish they would just get it through their thick heels that it's over between us.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Six Sox Slut

That's all I can say. I thought I was committed to the Chutes N Ladders. I was in love. They were childish and whimsical. And so soft to fondle. But the Glad Raggs strutted their stuff in front of me and I strayed. Oh don't judge me. You would have done the same thing. I mean, just look at that shank. I couldn't resist. I'll admit I wasn't so sure about it at first. I'm a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl and these were so naughty. But once I started playing around with them I fell hard. Then the Sixth Sense piqued my interest. There was something mysterious about these. Shut up. So I'm weak. Don't tell me you could have resisted all those ribs and ridges. They made me quiver. So far these two new bad boys have kept my interest but I just don't trust myself anymore. It's really not like me to be so promiscuous. Don't worry though, I'm practicing safe sox.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hip 2 B Square

I've recopied this post from a couple weeks ago because I think it got missed. I had saved it as a draft ad instead of it showing up the day I published it, it showed up on the date I had actually written it and got lost between some older posts. Damn Blogger. I'm less impressed with them all the time. Maybe it's time for a new home? Anyway, here it is:

I've finally finished the squares for Northern Lights School. Here is the first square. It's number 21 from the Great American Afghan Book and I really like it. This is the one that I made for Families First too that I never took a picture of. I wish I had because the other yarn showed the pattern much better than this one. They were both worked in Worsted Lamb's Pride. This one was done in Persian Peacock while the first was done in Limeade. I took close up shots of the flower and bobble detail. I know it's a bad photo but there are lots of bobbly type things at the top of the stem that remind me of lavendar. Lots of texture in this square and it's so much fun to work. Oh, and it really is square despite the fact that it looks all wonky in the photo. It was sitting on a towel that was folded at the top and bottom. The second square is number 8 from the same book and it came out nicely. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the silly thing before my friend took it to drop at the LYS. I really must get over there with my camera.

Secret Pal 8

I totally forgot to tell you all that sign ups have started for Secret Pal 8. If you're interested in signing up just click here and send in your application before April 30th. I've been so busy that I just wasn't able to get our own little mini swap organized and I am so sorry. I promise I will eventually. I'll send out an email as soon as I get my act together and see who's still interested. Secret Pal 8 should be loads of fun though and I strongly encourage you to jump in and have fun if you're the least bit interested. We've got lots more hostesses this time around which is just awesome. It's so nice to see so many people willing to help out with something that is so much fun!

Oh, and before I forget again, my pal Shannon sent me a birthday present. I can't even begin to thank her enough. She remembered my birthday even after SP7 ended. She is truly amazing and I am so lucky to have met her. Shannon sent me a gift certificate to iTunes. How awesome is that??? Shannon you totally rock! Thank you so much! You really have gone above and beyond.

In other Secret Pal news, I have to tell you that I had the wonderful privilege of getting to know Susie. She is Kate's mom and she is one amazing lady. Stop by her blog to say hello and also check out her gorgeous hand spun yarns at her store. I was so impressed with the yarn I purchased from her. It was so bright and cheerful. Amazing to see hand spun fingering weight yarn that is so evenly spun. Thank you Susie for allowing me the chance to spoil your wonderful daughter. You've done such a wonderful job raising her! I can only pray that I can do as wonderful a job as you have with my own babies. :-)

Tomorrow...lots of sock progress pictures. I know. Amazing right? An actual knitting progress post to come.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hoppy Bunny Day

I hope you've all had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We went to my parents for breakfast after the kids finished pawing through their baskets. We hung out there until noon then had to come home to get Dan and Darcie off to their fathers. Poor babies had to go there until 6 tonight and they weren't looking forward to it. The three of us hung out at home today. I did some knitting and took a nice long, hot tubby. I got about a half hour all to myself in the bathroom for my birthday. I'm a lucky girl. We picked Dan and Darcie up at 6 and went o my parents again. Only for dinner this time. We had ham and steak and it was delicious. I'm getting ready to go tuck my little angels in for the night. But before I do I have a story I was reminded of today...

Before I quit work to stay home with the kids I was the sales and catering manager at a local hotel. I loved my job. I've always been outgoing so I had a lot of fun with my job. One year I decided to dress as the Easter bunny and go hop around town to pass out menus for our Easter brunch. I put the big white bunny suit on and armed myself with menus and a HUGE bouquet of balloons to hand out to the kids on the street. Off I went. Hopping (literally) down Main Street. Just as I hopped across the main intersection in town I heard a really loud crash. I turned around and saw that a car had been rear ended. Why had this accident occurred you ask? Because the driver of the car was dumbfounded to see a big white bunny hoping down Main Street and didn't notice that the light was red and that there was a car stopped in front of him. The next day our local paper showed a picture of the accident (and me standing on the other corner in my bunny suit) on the front page. If I can dig out the paper I saved I'll be sure to post a photo.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Super Secret Shannon

I've been a little (ok, a lot) bad about posting lately. We've had so much going on that my head has been spinning. Trying to find a way to help the kids get away from their father has really taken a toll. We were suppose to meet with diversion on the 3rd of this month. It got moved to the 6th due to a scheduling conflict on their part. Now it's been moved to the 21st because I guess my asshole ex-husband just can't seem to make it on the 6th. Grrr. On the upside though, the weather this past week has been absolutely amazing. We've been outside until dinner time and then back out until it's time to shower and put the kids to bed. Yesterday we wandered all over town for about 2 hours just soaking up the sun and breathing in the spring air. We even got the bikes out early yesterday evening and went for a ride. I didn't feel like cooking last night so we went to McDonald's (McDondald's if your Dailaesse) for our Friday night Filet o' Fish. We pulled up to the drive thru and I asked Dailaesse what she wanted for dinner. Her normal response is chicken, french fries, bbq sauce and a Coke. Not last night. She wanted soup. Broccoli and cheddar soup to be more specific. And a Filet o' Fish. Oh and a Sprite too please. I asked if she was sure. Yup. She was. We got home and she climbed up to the table and started eating. She ate all her dinner. This is the kid who usually eats 2 chicken nuggets and a few fries and is full. I was shocked. We wandered over to my parents after dinner and she told them what she had. My mother gave me a strange look and I shrugged my shoulders and told her she ate it all. She asked Dailaesse how she liked it. "It was absolutely delicious Nana." Little peanut.

In Secret Pal 7 news...

I have been spoiled like crazy for the past few months by Shannon of Stop by her blog if you have time. She is an amazing woman. She has just turned 30 and still does roller derby. How cool is that??? She truly kept me smiling for the past few months. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful pal! Thank you so much Shannon!!! I appreciate you so very much!!!

I was also very fortunate to have a wonderful pal to spoil. Kate of was my spoilee and I so enjoyed getting to know her as well. She's a wonderfully strong young woman who's just married a man in the Air Force. She is living in Japan far away from her family in Michigan while her hubby is in Afghanistan. She's currently playing hostess to her mom who was lucky enough to be able to fly to Japan to spend some time with her and her kitty Piper. Drop by and check out her blog. She's got some gorgeous photos of Japan to share. Thanks once again Kate for allowing me the great opportunity to spoil you! I look forward to staying in touch!

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