Friday, June 30, 2006

Love is in the Air

Look what I got today:

Thanks Jennifer! You brightened my gloomy Friday!

Oh, I just remembered someone asking not long ago if I knew who my pal was because I knew her name and the answer is that yes I know her name (it was on the slip that was included in the box from Amazon with the wonderful books) but I don't know her blog. I'm not sure that I'd be able to find her based on her name or not and I'm too lazy to try and find out. Plus it's way more fun to find out at the end of the exchange anyways. :-)

I didn't get to work on the wrap at all Wednesday night because we went to Ronnie's for dinner and didn't get back until late. Then I fell asleep putting Dailaesse down. I can't believe how tired I was. I've been really stressed lately and it's taking a toll. Of course because I fell asleep so early I was awake at 4am and had a heck of a time getting back to sleep. Should have gotten up and worked on the wrap. I worked another ball of alpaca last night though and hope to do the same this evening.

It may not look like much progress but when I was finished with the first ball it was only 9.5" and it's now about 15". Plus I was working almost 100 more stitches than when I first started. I love the way it's coming along.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's a Wrap

Sue called last week and asked if I'd be interested in knitting a wrap. Out of Alpaca. I was SO interested! Sue carries this heavenly Catalina Baby Alpaca yarn in both chunky and worsted weights. It's smooth as buttah. Honest. Anyway, the wrap is her own design and uses 5 hanks of chunky weight. I was so excited to get started that last night after Dailaesse went to bed I wound a hank and cast on.

The color looks off on my monitor because the yarn is actually a beautiful coral color, not the pink color I'm looking at right now. Before I went to bed last night I had the back done and had cast on for the sleeves. I had almost forgotten how wonderful this yarn is to work with and I couldn't put the damn thing down. Don't blame me. It's the yarn. It's addictive. A few minutes ago I wound the other hanks into balls. I can't wait to finish this baby up!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tea Time

My wonderful spoilee for SP7 (Hi Shannon!!!) got me totally addicted to tea. Not just any tea though. Tea from Adagio. I know what you're thinking. Christ Kerry, haven't you ever had tea before? Well, no. I mean, I've had Tetley tea from the grocery store. The kind that comes in the convenient little tea bags. But never before had I had REAL tea. I always thought it would be too much of a pain in the arse. But, Shannon was kind enough to send me a cute little personal tea pot with a basket inside to hold the tea. Sweet! I absolutely loved the teas that she sent and decided I needed to check out some of the other teas that Adagio offers. I bought about a dozen different samples and have been trying them here and there.

Today I was going through my little collection of teas and found way in the back of the cupboard the cream flavored tea I had bought months ago. Why I didn't try that one as soon as it arrived is beyond me. I ordered it thinking if I really liked it I'd have a great tea that I could drink without milk. I love a little milk and a Splenda in my tea. Since I've been desperately wanting to lose weight I figured it would reduce my caloric & fat intake by a little each day and there's nothing bad about that. Anyway, I brewed up 2 cups worth of the cream tea to try today. Then I went to Adagio and ordered the biggest damn package of cream tea they had. It's that good. I really didn't need any milk in the tea. Amazing.

No, it doesn't take much to amuse me.

If you'd like to try some tea from Adagio drop me an email and I'll send you a $5 gift certificate. You'll get $5 and I'll get 10 points if you use the certificate. The teas aren't the only awesome thing about Adagio.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some Socks

Here is the pair of socks I finished for my dad. I delivered them to him this morning.

I love the colors. These are Fleece Artist Merino. Although there is no color written on the label if I had to guess I would say it is Sea Storm. The second sock had lots more blue and green in it than the first. I didn't take the time to split the hank into 2 balls and switch back and forth between the 2 so Daddy has 2 similar socks. He doesn't care. He's just thrilled to have them. The fit is perfect for his 10" feet. So much nicer knitting socks for him than Dan or Bran. That extra inch is killer on theirs. LOL

So things went the same as they always do with the law guardian. She's still a useless waste of space. It still makes me sick to think that her job is to protect the kids in these situations but she always protects their dipshit father who does nothing but abuse them. She told the kids she might consider filing a motion to get the asshole ex in for a psych evaluation. WTF??? They did that 5 years ago and he was COURT ORDERED to go for counseling which he never did. I called my old lawyer and the law guardian every month for a year after asking why he wasn't being made to go and nobody would answer me. I finally gave up as it was pretty apparent that they had no intention of making him go. How many chances are they going to give him and how many more years is going to be allowed to screw the kids up as badly as he is??? I've often wished I could just pack up and move to a different county so we could havea new law guardian and judge. Between the 2 of them here in Franklin county, the kids don't stand a chance. BUT, we have an incredible law firm on the kids side. We're putting our trust and faith in them now and praying for the best.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Surgery SNAFU

I'm at the toe on the second sock for my dad. I've not done much knitting this weekend opting for trying to spend some extra time with my dad. He went in for sinus surgery on Friday. It was suppose to be routine out patient surgery but of course it wasn't. To make matters worse, he was 3 hours away. I began worrying when I hadn't heard from my mother by 5pm. I finally tracked her down at the hospital and she told me they had taken him in late and that he should be out any minute. I asked (actually I begged) her to call as soon as he came out. 8 pm rolled around and I still hadn't heard anything. I tracked her down yet again only to have her tell me he was in ICU and would be there for a little bit yet. ICU??? She said he started bleeding pretty badly and they couldn't get it to stop. He got scared and they couldn't get him to relax. I flipped out and said I was on my way out to see him. Then she tells me that I will just make things worse if I go. WTF??? I of course got the baby ready and we headed out. I made it about half way there when the phone rang. She told me visiting hours had ended and that I wouldn't be able to see him. She said he was awake and in a regular room and would be coming home in the morning. Bran started pitching a fit about us going all the way to Burlington and not even being able to see him. Then Dailaesse started crying because she wanted to go home. I was torn. I ended up turning around and coming home. I was furious with my mother for not letting me know what was going on and I was petrified that something would happen to my dad during the night. We got home around 11pm and I crashed hard. I only slept for a couple of hours and then was awake the rest of the night. Daddy called at 9:15 am and said they were on their way home. I've been kind of attached at the hip since he's come home. He seems to be doing fairly well. He went back to see the surgeon today and was told he can't go back to work for a month. He was originally only to be out for 5 days. He needs some extra time to heal. So I will be babying my Daddy for the next month while my mother is at work. Dan is looking forward to spending time with him. He will be a big help.

Tomorrow we have out meeting with the law guardian. I hope it goes better than it usually does. The woman is a waste of space. The last time the kids met with her they said all she did was roll her eyes and yawn. When I mentioned it to her after she called the kids liars. She's a raving bitch and it makes me furious to think that our tax dollars pay her for a job that she doesn't do. She's never once helped my kids although she had admitted several times that there is a serious problem at my ex's house and lots of issues. Piece of shit.

The pool's open though so if it's nice when we get home tomorrow afternoon you'll know where to find us.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Field Trips Galore

Last Friday Darcie's class went to Albany. Bran went as a chaperone. He was really impressed. They got to tour the NYS Museum (Bran said the World Trade Center display is incredible) and the Capitol Building. Lots of history. Of course the kids were most pleased with the bus ride (they raised enough money to rent coaches which they got to watch movies on) and getting to eat at McDonald's for dinner. Here's Darcie at the reflection pool. She looks so tiny standing there. At least she had a big smile.

Yesterday I went to Blue Mountain Lake with the class to the Adirondack Museum. There was of course history to be had and the kids were more interested in the frog in the pond, lunch and the gift shop. I did talk the girls into posing on the old train. Aren't they sweet? Sucky picture, I know. But I forgot my camera (like usual) and had to make do with the cell phone.

I hope that my kids get to go on all of these field trips with their children when they are older. They will appreciate it so much more when they are adults. If you're ever in the area I highly recommend taking in the sights. They really are fascinating.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Secret Pal Surprise

Wow! These 3 wonderful books arrived in my mailbox today. Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, Knitting Vintage Socks and Sensational Knitted Socks. All compliments of my SP8 pal. Thank you so much Jennifer!!! What an awesome gift!

Monday, June 12, 2006

See, I Really Do Knit

Here is the sock that I was hoping to have finished on the 1st for my dad's birthday.

Like I said, they will now be for Father's Day. The mate to this one is almost done. I'm down to the gusset decreases so if I give it hell one of these nights I'll be able to finish it right up.

Now I know you're probably all wondering what the sock is laying on. Right? Well, it's this.

The back of a toddler sweater. She loves it. She picked the yarn out last night before going to bed. I'm hoping to have the pieces done tonight or tomorrow. Will depend on how early (or late) she goes to bed tonight.

What's everyone else working on?

Friday, June 09, 2006

And Then There Were Nine

These gorgeous yarns arrived today from Yarn Pirate. They are Peacock, Rain, Sunset, Sweetheart and Viola. Again, if you like Socks that Rock you have to check out this yarn. It's just amazing and the dyer is so absolutely wonderful to work with.
These arrived yesterday from Savvyminx Yarns. They are Liatris, Thalia, Twilight and Valentine. Super soft yarn in the most amazing colors. And again, the dyer here is just wonderful to work with. I am so psyched to have found such awesome sellers on Etsy. The quality and service is outstanding. Being able to communicate with the dyers themselves is an added bonus.

Tomorrow...proof that I'm actually knitting the yarns I'm buying.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Shop 'til You Drop

These 2 beauties arrived from Yarn Pirate last week. They are Canon Beach and Shamrock. They are gorgeous. I still can't get over the tight twist of this yarn. It's so much like STR.
These arrived right around the same time last week from Rubysapphire Yarns. They are Kerry Berry, Darcie and Grapevine. The colors are amazing. And given the name of the first 2 there was no way I could resist them. See? Perfectly logical explanation right? I suggest you look to see if she has something that shares your name or that of your husband's grandmother's sister.
Which was the case here. See all my lovely new yarns lined up sweetly? Doesn't it remind you of an Anne Geddes photo? These amazing yarns from Rubysapphire Yarns arrived today. They are Sherri (my cousins oldest daughter), Melissa (not the same as anyone but look at those colors!), Betty (short for Elizabeth, Bran's grandmother, but they call her Grandma Betty), Jennifer (again, not the same as anyone in the family but the color is wonderful), Dorothy (Grandma Betty's sister) and Jackie (Bran's aunt). The last 2 are Kerry's Canival and Kerry's Surprise. Amazing! Oh, and if the yarn you purchase shares your name or that of an immediate family member the shipping is free. Tempted yet?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pastel Pigs

I keep forgetting to post a picture of Dailaesse in her new pastel socks. She just loves them and I think they look so cute on her.

I know it looks like they are different lengths but they really are both exactly the same. Her left foot was pushed down a little farther on the couch than her right. Aren't they cute? It's always so nice to give something you've made yourself to someone who appreciates it. Dailaesse loves her socks her mama makes her and she wears them constantly. Actually, everyone in the house loves handknit socks. Especially Bran. Maybe because he doesn't have as many as everyone else. Remember the last pair I made him? The lovely Sixth Sense Socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport? He blew a hole in the side of the toe. I have no idea what the hell happened. I've used this yarn several times in the past and the socks are still going strong. I've made Bran lots of socks with other yarns and they are still like new. I've just decided that this yarn and his feet aren't a great match. Maybe because it doesn't have any nylon in it? Anywho, his sock is in the garage for repairs. I plan to fix it as soon as I finish the socks I started for my dad for his birthday. Yes, I realize that his birthday has passed. They are now for Father's Day. What he doesn't know won't hurt him.

I also thought I'd update you on my court appointment on Thursday. According to my lawyer, it went really well. The ex-asshole showed without a lawyer and made a big dink of himself. No surprise there since he does it everytime he opens his mouth. My lawyer didn't have our modified petition finished since she was waiting to talk to the kids counselor so we couldn't submit any of our evidence so not much of anything really happened. But, she did finally touch base with the counselor on Friday so when we go back to court on the 17th of July (again, positive thoughts and/or prayers will be greatly appreciated) all of that will be put out on the table. I'm actually somewhat looking forward to it. Especially since he sat in court and lied to the judge. Can't wait to hear the lie he tells to try to get out of that one. Dick.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Meet Mr. Michigan

This, my friends, is a michigan...

It's a regular hot dog on a bun topped with a meaty (hamburger) tomato sauce, mustard and onion. It is heaven.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Daddy

Today is my Daddy's 57th birthday.

When my Grandma was alive she always liked to remember the things he had done as a child. Like how the priest had a little too much wine when he was baptised and named him Daniella Roberta instead of Daniel Robert. And how he hid under the spider and garden snake infested porch when the expensive photographer came even though he was petrified of spiders and snakes because he hated having his picture taken more.

Then there are the stories that he tells of his teenage years. Like siphoning jet fuel at the airport with his best friend and drag racing their muscle cars down the runway. That one is still my favorite. Crazy kids.

My mother tells how they met at a bar. She was there to pick her older sister up and he was there having a few drinks with his buddies. Whatever it was she saw in him I'm glad she did. He proposed not long after and they were married just after she graduated. He was wild until she told him she was pregnant. He was thrilled and she tells every so often how he wanted a little girl so badly.

Sometimes I wish I could have known him when he was younger. You know, just to see what he was really like. He was popular and funny and everyone enjoyed being around him. I am thankful though for knowing him now. I have wonderful memories of my Daddy. He's still funny and people still like to be around him. But he's also kind, caring and just an all around wonderful man.

Happy birthday Daddy!!! I love you so very much and I hope we get to celebrate many more birthdays together!

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