Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Shop 'til You Drop

These 2 beauties arrived from Yarn Pirate last week. They are Canon Beach and Shamrock. They are gorgeous. I still can't get over the tight twist of this yarn. It's so much like STR.
These arrived right around the same time last week from Rubysapphire Yarns. They are Kerry Berry, Darcie and Grapevine. The colors are amazing. And given the name of the first 2 there was no way I could resist them. See? Perfectly logical explanation right? I suggest you look to see if she has something that shares your name or that of your husband's grandmother's sister.
Which was the case here. See all my lovely new yarns lined up sweetly? Doesn't it remind you of an Anne Geddes photo? These amazing yarns from Rubysapphire Yarns arrived today. They are Sherri (my cousins oldest daughter), Melissa (not the same as anyone but look at those colors!), Betty (short for Elizabeth, Bran's grandmother, but they call her Grandma Betty), Jennifer (again, not the same as anyone in the family but the color is wonderful), Dorothy (Grandma Betty's sister) and Jackie (Bran's aunt). The last 2 are Kerry's Canival and Kerry's Surprise. Amazing! Oh, and if the yarn you purchase shares your name or that of an immediate family member the shipping is free. Tempted yet?


Georgia said...

That's an impressive haul. Looks like you've got some knitting to do!

:L, Laura said...

tell me where to go for this yarn, and if they have a laura?
kidding. no budget.
but beyond wonderful!!
so neat!!

how are you dear?
hugs, :L

Miss Priss Knits said...

What a stash you have going there. I am having withdrawls on yarn haven't bought anything in awhile. Sitting here jealous HA!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous yarns. I am literally drooling over the "Darcie" yarn! Does that surprise you? LOL


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