Saturday, June 17, 2006

Field Trips Galore

Last Friday Darcie's class went to Albany. Bran went as a chaperone. He was really impressed. They got to tour the NYS Museum (Bran said the World Trade Center display is incredible) and the Capitol Building. Lots of history. Of course the kids were most pleased with the bus ride (they raised enough money to rent coaches which they got to watch movies on) and getting to eat at McDonald's for dinner. Here's Darcie at the reflection pool. She looks so tiny standing there. At least she had a big smile.

Yesterday I went to Blue Mountain Lake with the class to the Adirondack Museum. There was of course history to be had and the kids were more interested in the frog in the pond, lunch and the gift shop. I did talk the girls into posing on the old train. Aren't they sweet? Sucky picture, I know. But I forgot my camera (like usual) and had to make do with the cell phone.

I hope that my kids get to go on all of these field trips with their children when they are older. They will appreciate it so much more when they are adults. If you're ever in the area I highly recommend taking in the sights. They really are fascinating.


sarah said...

That sounds like so much fun! I used to love field trips and all that and still love to go to museums.

sarah said...

That sounds like so much fun!! I used to love field trips when I was little, maybe that's why I love museums so much now :)

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