Monday, June 12, 2006

See, I Really Do Knit

Here is the sock that I was hoping to have finished on the 1st for my dad's birthday.

Like I said, they will now be for Father's Day. The mate to this one is almost done. I'm down to the gusset decreases so if I give it hell one of these nights I'll be able to finish it right up.

Now I know you're probably all wondering what the sock is laying on. Right? Well, it's this.

The back of a toddler sweater. She loves it. She picked the yarn out last night before going to bed. I'm hoping to have the pieces done tonight or tomorrow. Will depend on how early (or late) she goes to bed tonight.

What's everyone else working on?

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Anonymous said...

I love that yarn you used for your Dad's socks. Just gorgeous!! He is going to be thrilled, I'm sure.

Now, are you going to share a photo of Dailaesse in her new sweater, when it's done? I hope so.

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