Friday, June 09, 2006

And Then There Were Nine

These gorgeous yarns arrived today from Yarn Pirate. They are Peacock, Rain, Sunset, Sweetheart and Viola. Again, if you like Socks that Rock you have to check out this yarn. It's just amazing and the dyer is so absolutely wonderful to work with.
These arrived yesterday from Savvyminx Yarns. They are Liatris, Thalia, Twilight and Valentine. Super soft yarn in the most amazing colors. And again, the dyer here is just wonderful to work with. I am so psyched to have found such awesome sellers on Etsy. The quality and service is outstanding. Being able to communicate with the dyers themselves is an added bonus.

Tomorrow...proof that I'm actually knitting the yarns I'm buying.


Susan said...

These yarns are so pretty!!! Happy knitting!!!

Leslie said...

You are so funny, Kerry Berry! I just love it and can't wait to see what you're turning out.

Georgia said...

wow, to be compared to STR is really flattering. maybe we use the same wholesaler for the base yarn? Thanks for always posting such great pictures of my yarn. you are just wonderful to do business with and i'm so glad you like my yarn! i can't wait to see pictures of what you've been knitting.

Sarah said...

I'm so glad you like the yarn! Thanks for showing off my yarn to your friends, you're my favorite customer! I'm excited to see what they become, especially Liatris, as that one wound up as my favorite from the last batch. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh My, that "Peacock" is as gorgeous as the "Darcie". How wonderful! And you will have such fun knitting with all of these wonderful yarns.


sheila said...

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