Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some Socks

Here is the pair of socks I finished for my dad. I delivered them to him this morning.

I love the colors. These are Fleece Artist Merino. Although there is no color written on the label if I had to guess I would say it is Sea Storm. The second sock had lots more blue and green in it than the first. I didn't take the time to split the hank into 2 balls and switch back and forth between the 2 so Daddy has 2 similar socks. He doesn't care. He's just thrilled to have them. The fit is perfect for his 10" feet. So much nicer knitting socks for him than Dan or Bran. That extra inch is killer on theirs. LOL

So things went the same as they always do with the law guardian. She's still a useless waste of space. It still makes me sick to think that her job is to protect the kids in these situations but she always protects their dipshit father who does nothing but abuse them. She told the kids she might consider filing a motion to get the asshole ex in for a psych evaluation. WTF??? They did that 5 years ago and he was COURT ORDERED to go for counseling which he never did. I called my old lawyer and the law guardian every month for a year after asking why he wasn't being made to go and nobody would answer me. I finally gave up as it was pretty apparent that they had no intention of making him go. How many chances are they going to give him and how many more years is going to be allowed to screw the kids up as badly as he is??? I've often wished I could just pack up and move to a different county so we could havea new law guardian and judge. Between the 2 of them here in Franklin county, the kids don't stand a chance. BUT, we have an incredible law firm on the kids side. We're putting our trust and faith in them now and praying for the best.


Lisa said...

The socks look great! Love the colorway! Sorry you are having such a rough time with the ex. Want us to get him with our knitting needles? We knitters can take him on for ya! Hope it gets better soon. Hugs :)

Miss Priss Knits said...

That's a horrible situation your children have to be around. He sounds like a real arse.

Those are some nifty socks, your Daddy is one lucky man to have such a caring daughter.

Leslie said...

I'm really sorry about the court situation. so many times, it seems, the system that's supposed to protect the innocent works in favor of the offender (sort of like our current political/supreme court, ya' know?).

Here in MA a kid can decide at 12 if s/he doesn't want to visit the non-custodial parent. Anything like that in NY? IF so, Dan's close but I assume he would keep going for Darcie. How much longer for her?

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