Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Manos Feels Good

I took advantage of the sale at Flying Fingers and bought 4 hanks of Manos. I want to do one of the Four Seasons throws so I decided when I saw these on sale at less than $8 a hank that I'd start collecting the colors I want for the throw. I still have 8 more to go. I'm not patient. Any bets on how soon the other 8 will find their way to my door?

I was able to make a quick trip to Adirondack Yarns tonight. I had to pick up another skein of the Lamb's Pride to finish the clogs I'm working. I'm going to have to find my notes from the others I've done in that size because I was almost positive that I only used 2 skeins for the soles and 1 for the uppers. I am either terribly mistaken or the yarn gods are screwing with me. Again. It happens. Right? I also brought home 2 40" size 0 Addi Turbos that Sue ordered for me. I love these needles.

So I'm having a problem trying to decide what to make for the newest baby that we'll be welcoming into the family in December. My cousins oldest daughter is expecting her first baby in December. He's a boy and will be named Ethan. I've already made a blanket. I want to do some hats, mittens and booties of course but I also want to do something really special. My cousin has been wonderful about saving things that belonged to the kids so I won't be making a christening gown. I had thought of making a Dale sweater but they are so time consuming and I'm already up to my ears in projects that I have deadlines for. Then I thought of designing a blanket that would have his name in the center. I've been pouring through books lately and I just can't seem to settle. Maybe I should finish some of the projects I have going first and let my mind clear a little. It is tax free week though and I'd love to buy the yarn now. Any ideas?

Monday, August 29, 2005

Clog Dancin'

Quick Note - I've had a lot of drive-by comments lately so I've changed the settings to allow only members of the blog to post. I hope this isn't an inconvenience for anyone and most of all that it doesn't discourage anyone with a valid comment from posting. If anyone has a better idea let me know. I love advice!

This weekend was so awesome! The weather was great so we took the kids to Plattsburgh both Friday and Saturday to go on the bumper boats and go-karts. What a blast! I wish I had brought my camera.

Darcie wouldn't go Friday night for some reason or another so she hung out and watched the rest of us. We were the only ones in the pool for the bumper boats so we could pretty much do wahtever we wanted plus we got to stay in longer. Dailaesse would pat Brandon on the leg and tell him what a good job he was doing everytime he bumped Dan or I. She ended up with a soggy rear towards the end of the ride and that did her in. She doesn't like to be wet unless she's in the pool or tubby. Everyone at Putters got a glimpse of the moon on our way out Friday night. Yeah, she hates being wet that much. Brandon had her hand as we were walking out and I was behind them with Darcie. Darcie says, "Um Mom, why are Dailaesse's shorts and underpants around her ankles?" Good thing she's only 2! Of course I wish I could have done the same thing. I was completely soaked. We're talking bottom-of-your-shorts-dripping soaked. And we needed to go to the mall. Do you have any idea how many heads turn when they see a 33 year old walking through the mall with a wet ass? Lots.

Saturday was Dailaesse's turn to be a turkey. She wouldn't get in the bumper boats for anything. I tried bribing her with ice cream. Nothing. I offered a new toy. Nothing. She wanted to go in the bouncy house. We paid for the ticket and she wouldn't go in. So she and I ended up watching everyone else have fun. Dan and Darcie were both soaked when they got done. Lucky for them that we had done all our running around BEFORE going on the bumper boats. Yes folks, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

I finally sat for a few minutes last night and started the sole for a new pair of clogs. I balled the yarn for the uppers and cast on the sole. They're being worked in Lamb's Pride. These will fit a mans size 13. The soles are Sable and the uppers will be Winter Blue. I didn't choose the colors but I really like the combination. I think brown is a lot like black. It works well with everything.

Friday, August 26, 2005

If The Sale Fits

Dan and Darcie are finally home again after having to spend a weeks visitation with their father. We picked them up at 5pm yesterday. They hate to go. We hate that they have to go. So when they're home we like to do fun things. Like shop for new back to school clothes. All 3 of my kids love to get new clothes.

So last night we went for a ride over to Lake Placid to look for sneakers. There's a Super Shoes there and they've been advertising sneakers that the kids like at prices I like. About an hour after entering the store we had 3 new pair of sneakers, a shirt and pair of jeans for Dan and 1 screaming toddler. Dailaesse hadn't had a nap. She had just tried on a new pair of Skechers with lights that flash when you walk. She wasn't impressed that they had to go in the bag and not on her little feet. Everyone within a 5 mile radius of Super Shoes last night will attest to the fact that she wasn't happy. Especially the 20 something cashier who told me kids like her were exactly the reason why he would never be having children. "It's 7 at night and she's napless. She's normally very good," I say. He reiterates the fact that he'll never have children. I hope he's right. He's not very pleasant.

As soon as we got home she took her Nikes off and threw them in the garbage. I don't think she likes them anymore. What do you think? She screamed until we got her new sneakers laced up and on her feet. The noise stopped as soon as the second shoe was tied and her feet hit the floor. She ran through the house insisting that not only did these new sneakers make her run faster than her old ones but that these made her go even faster than normal sneakers because these have lights. At about 8pm I took her up to put her to bed. We argued for 15 minutes about her shoes coming off. I finally won after convincing her that her feet would get sweaty if she slept with them on and then her new sneakers would stink. No 2 year old princess wants stinky sneakers.

She tossed and turned for about half an hour before she started pulling out all the stops. She needed to pee. She knows the world stops when she has to use the bathroom. We got up and headed across the bedroom. As soon as I opened the door I knew this wasn't going to be a quick trip. My parents were here. Dailaesse started squealing and headed down the stairs. Not without her sneakers of course. She sat on the floor in front of my parents and showed them over and over how the sneakers light up by banging them on the floor. She tapped them ten ways to Tuesday and when she finally tired she crawled up on the couch next to me and started watching tv.

Dan and Darcie were telling and showing my parents their new things. My mother commented on how much she liked the clothes Dan had picked out. She asked how the prices were. Dailaesse is singing along to the commercial on tv not paying attention to anything we're talking about. Or so I think. She gets all excited and starts jumping up and down on the couch. "Nana, my new sneakers have lights and they were priced on sale! I love a good sale!" Where does the child come up with this stuff??? She's 2, not 20.

Tonight at the mall she asked the girl at Aeropostale if the clothes Darcie bought were on sale. The sales girl just looked at her and didn't answer. Dailaesse asked her again. A little louder this time. The girl tells her that yes, everything is on sale. Dailaesse wants to look for new clothes for her. I explain that they only have clothes for big girls like Darcie and I at this store. "But they're on sale. When I'm a bigger girl I can fit them." I guess she really does love a good sale. :-)

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Have you ever seen the cute little sign that some people have hanging around their pools? You know, the one that says "Welcome to our ool, notice there is no p in it, please keep it that way"?

After Hurricane Dailaesse struck yesterday afternoon I decided a trip to the new playpark at school was in order. Dailaesse loves the playpark. She will run, swing and slide 'til she can't run, swing and slide no more. We ran through our pre-playpark inspection: hands, face, hair and clothes. Yes, the inspection is for both of us. Probably the most important thing we do before we leave the house for an extended period of time though is to make a trip to the potty. Again, for both of us. Trust me, it's no fun to convince a 2 year old 10 minutes into a visit to the playpark that you have to leave because you have to go potty. Even when you PROMISE to come right back. This results in a screaming, kicking, pinching, biting toddler being dragged from the playpark as the other parents look on wondering if they should call the police to report an abduction. "No officer, trust me, she's mine. I just have to pee really bad and we've only been at the park for 10 minutes." I visualize saying these words as I wet myself right there at the playpark in front of God and everyone.

After attending to the inspection we hopped back in the van and headed for the park. We were there about an hour. Running, swinging and sliding when all of a sudden the most awful look crept across Dailaesse's little face. Mommy I have to...

You all know how this is going to end right? Poor little Dailaesse walked bow-legged back to the van where we stripped her down and washed her up with baby wipes. Baby wipes are like American Express aren't' they...never leave home without them. She cried and told me what a poor baby she was because she had an accident on the playpark. I gave her lots of kisses and wiped her tears away. I looked to see what time it was in hopes it was past quitting time for my father. It was. "Hi Dad. We've had an accident at the playpark. Could you bring us some paper towels and some sort of antibacterial disinfectant spray?" Dead silence. "Daddy?" He finally asks if the baby is ok and if I need bandaids.

Nope, no bandaids this trip Dad. Just something to take the pee out of the park.

Since we're on the subject of parks here are some pictures of the Chutes and Ladders socks from the 6SoxKal. I love this pattern. I did a pair for myself in Opal Uni 29 and a pair for Darcie in Lorna's Laces Carol Green Shepherd Sock. I worked mine on size 1 Brittany dpns. Darcie's legs are worked on size 1 Addi Turbos and the heel and foot on size 0 Turbos. I love the shading on Darcie's. I might make another pair of these. Did I mention how much I love this pattern? For some reason it doesn't photograph all that well though. I'm giving you a close-up that shows the detail of the cables a little better. Really awesome pattern! There's a nice cable pattern with a seed ladder between.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bee Says Buzz in the Bag

My husband is once again between vehicles. Let me explain:

Brandon is a mechanic...I mean auto technician. Just saying this makes me giggle. You see my husband is from Rochester. For those of you not familiar with Rochester and Saranac Lake, try comparing New York City with the smallest town you know. When Bran and I first met I knew he was in the automotive industry but I didn't know exactly what part he played. I asked if he was a mechanic. I got a funny look and the difference between a mechanic and auto tech were quickly explained to me in great detail. Hey, where I come from it's mechanic.

Brandon has had countless used cars since we met over 6 years ago. All nice looking, all incredibly cheap...we're talking under $500...and all needing some sort of mechanical work. Could be something as small as a brake job or something as major as needing the engine rebuilt. He seems to prefer the ones that need more work. In fact, engine and transmission trouble seem to be some sort of aphrodisiac for my husband. He tells me about the new love he's found with a twinkle in his eye. We have a standing rule in the house that there are to be no more than 2 vehicles on the insurance at any given time. This means he can buy new vehicles until the cows come home as long as the current one he's driving is out of the driveway before the new one comes home. So far he's made out quite well. He puts a bunch of time into the new vehicle and gets it running like a top, then he sells it...always making at least enough to buy the new one (that's one of the other rules about this little game of his) and normally a nice little profit to boot. I had a hard time understanding this at first. Then I compared it to my knitting. As soon as something is finished I start a new project. Used cars that need work are my husbands knitting. New yarn, needles and projects are my aphrodisiac. See how that works? Since I'm home, I've been elected (somehow without running for this office) "Chief of Running to DMV". Our DMV has limited hours so it can sometimes be days before I make it there to register his new fling.

Anyways...seems how I had to go get him for lunch today I decided I'd pick him up and we'd go to Burger King. The baby loves frozen Coke. Especially when it comes in different colors. So I buckle the baby in her seat about 10 minutes before noon and we head off to get a frozen Coke...I mean her daddy. Don't think for a minute she's at all excited about getting her daddy. She's all about the frozen Coke. It takes almost 10 minutes to get from his job to the frozen Coke at Burger King. When you're 2 that's an eternity...when you're the mother of the 2 year old who desperately wants the frozen Coke it's even longer. Finally peace is restored to the back of the van and we're on our way out to the lake to have lunch. It's beautiful today. Low 70's, nice breeze...perfect weather to have the sunroof open and the windows rolled down right? Not. All of a sudden Brandon's head jerks like he's been shot and he screams. What's the matter? What's happened? A bee has flung itself through the open window at my husbands head in some sort of suicide bombing attempt and instead of dyeing according to planned it has only managed to stun itself momentarily, land in the Burger King bag and get angry. What does one do when an angry bee is sitting in a bag between ones legs? Why quickly roll the bag closed and demand that your wife stop the van immediately so you can set it free of course. Now as I just said, Saranac Lake isn't a big place. We have a population of about 5000 and that probably includes the summer people with camps on the lakes. But that doesn't mean that there isn't lots of traffic at 12:20 in the afternoon. The bee is buzzing...LOUDLY...in the bag. I pull off a side road and Brandon hops out of the van. I see him bend over and set the bag on the ground. He makes several quick passes and pokes at the bag in an attempt to free the bee. He finally gets the bag open and jumps back about 2 feet. NOTHING He lurches forward and pokes the bag. NOTHING He inches closer, growing more confident that the bee must have flown out while he wasn't looking. He gets a few inches from the bag and pokes it again. BEE!!! HUGE ANGRY BEE!!! Brandon turns to run, does a partial trip and narrowly escapes being hit in the head by the bee once again. I'm allergic to bees. If that had happened to me while I was alone I would have thrown the entire bag out the window and waited for my husband to come clean it up off the side of the road. But Brandon isn't allergic to bees. And normally he doesn't even flinch if one buzzes by him. But it didn't happen to me, it happened to him. So I laughed. Uncontrollably. While sitting in the van right off the side of the busiest road in town with lots of traffic passing as my husband pokes at our lunch. I'm laughing again now.

How about a picture of a bag I made over the summer? It's the felted entrelec bag from the Knitter's Dozen book. It was so much fun to work. This one was for Sue to display in her store.

And proof of hurricane Dailaesse. The orange mess from one end of the living room to the other is an entire bag of her favorite chips. She wanted to share with the puppy. And even though the puppy is just a little Shih-Tzu, her head is still too big to fit in the bag. See the logic? She was just sharing. I had to praise her. Then, see the dishcloth in her hand? She's trying to clean up after herself. I've forgotten already which mess (ok, I fib, I do remember...I used the dishcloth to wipe up the ice cream that fell off her spoon and onto the table. Dixie, the puppy, is too good to eat the ice cream that Dailaesse no longer wants from the little plastic cup it comes in...she had to feed it to her on a silver spoon.)I cleaned up with the dishcloth but I rinsed it and brought it back out to the table in case there were more. God bless her little heart is all I can say. How can you be upset about that? I told her she was such a big helper and a good girl for working so hard at cleaning up her mess. I'm now on my way to move the furniture and vacuum the bag of chips up from under the couches because if you can no longer see the mess then it is clean and no longer exists. She is one of the 3 most caring, likeable, lovable smartest children in the world but...I knew I should have waited until after bedtime to post. :-)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's Time We Talked

Yes, I mean "The Talk". I know it's early in our relationship but it's the responsible thing to do. We're all adults. There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It's magical. You know how it happens. Your eyes lock across a crowded room. Your heart skips a beat. You look around anxiously to see if anybody is watching. Is someone going to get there before you? You don't waste any time. You dart quickly through the crowd. You smile.

Sure it starts innocently enough but the next thing you know you're touching and fondling. You're fantasizing about the things you're going to do when the voice of the store owner snaps you out of the daze you're in..."Do you need help?" Yes, yes, yes.

S. E. X. (Or Stash Enhancing eXpeditions) What did you think I was talking about? As you can see by the photo below, I've been enjoying lots of SEX lately. :-)

All of the wonderful goodies in this photo came from Sue. The lovely stuff shown front and center is the most wonderful Baby Alpaca I've ever had the pleasure to experience. It's amazing to me how soft this stuff is. I knit a hat in grey for my husband with this last winter and he didn't want to take it off come spring. I also used this in pink for a sweater for the baby and in red for the Braided Neckpiece from Loop-D-Loop. I've got to dig out the sweater that I knit for the baby and post a photo of it. It's one of the Monkeysuits patterns and it's got cables. Cables + Baby Alpaca = Amazing!!!

You'll have to use your imagination on the rest. I've deleted the other 2 photos to allow a post of a sock closeup. They were all Opals. The first photo was the entire Opal Rainforest collection minus the Zebra. I got a wonderful deal on this online from a crack dealer...I mean yarn seller...in Germany. Unfortunately, the package and postal rates insisted that I leave an animal behind. It was an incredibly painful decision to make but I finally did eenie meenie and the poor Zebra lost out. I feel guilty. The same guilt Noah would have felt had he told the Zebra there was no room at the Inn...oops, I meant arc. The other two in the 3rd photo were vintage Opals that I found on eBay from another seller in Germany.

Phew, I'm tired. Time to turn in...SEX is exhausting.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Hurricane Season

Remember the hurricane I talked about yesterday? There are actually 4 that cycle through my house on a continuous basis. I have names for them. Dan, he's 14 and mostly hits the small islands I call "Bathroom" and "His Room". Darcie, she's 9...I mean ALMOST 10...she hits the mainland and spreads out to the islands "Bathroom" and "Her Room". Dailaesse, she's 2 1/2 and while she's much smaller than the other 2 previously mentioned, she is capable of far worse destruction. She mostly strikes the mainland. Then of course there is Brandon. He's older and slower but leaves a mess everywhere he goes. (For those of you doing the math, Brandon is my second husband. Dad to all 3 hurricanes but father to the smallest) Hey, the National Weather Service isn't the only one capable of naming a disaster. I'm proud to say though that I can predict the onset of a disaster with much more accuracy than they can. Yeah, there's always the occasional one that sneaks up and blindsides you. Like yesterday.

So yesterday was Sunday. Warm with a nice breeze. Perfect weather to be outside. Was I outside? No. I was in cleaning. You see, this weekend I was all about the dust and clutter. My husband was home to entertain the baby and I had the green light to clean. I decided I was going to REALLY clean. You know, remove the inch of dust from the tv that the kids have been writing on, find the countertop in the kitchen, that sort of thing. I hate to clean. I have too many other things I'd much rather be doing. Like playing with the kids or knitting. Let's face it though, cleaning has to happen. I've always thought that part of being a good mother was to keep the house clean. Think June Cleaver. I've come to grips with the fact that I'll never be her but it's still nice to dream now and then.

So I'm cleaning away, being a good mother, my husband is outside enjoying the beautiful weather with the baby when the phone rings. Here comes the hurricane I never predicted...it's my father. He wants to know what I'm doing. "Cleaning", I say quite chiperly. He then proceeds to remind me what a horrible mother I am because I'm inside cleaning the house and not playing with my daughter outside. I'm confused. If my mother comes in the house and it's a mess she makes sure to point it out and criticize not only my housekeeping skills but my parenting skills as well. "But, the baby is outside having a great time with her dad", I say. "Don't you think she'd like you to be there too?", my father asks. "All you do is sit and knit. You never do anything with the baby", he says. I'm speechless. Let me assure you that this doesn't happen often. On Saturday while I was waiting for dinner to cook I sat at the table with a pair of clogs I was working for Sue for the store. My parents wandered over and saw me knitting while my husband entertained Dailaesse. All I'm going to say is...thank God my father called and brought me back to reality. I mean, what was I thinking??? I THOUGHT I was being a good parent by cleaning the house. The baby was happy with her dad. The house was almost clean. Thank you Dad... I needed that swift kick in the ego...I mean ass. Geesh. See what I mean? Right out of no where. I feel bad for complaining when the weather man promises sun and it rains all day. Sometimes you just have no way to tell.

How about a picture of the clogs? They are adorable. I love this yarn. It's Miss Priss by Schaefer. I've done an x-small, small and medium now for Sue. I use the Fiber Trends felted clog pattern. You can get up to a medium pair of clogs out of one hank of this yarn. I chickened out on the medium and skipped the bumper because I was worried that I was going to run out but I had plenty left and could have done it with no trouble. The colors are incredible. All I have left is to sew them up (I HATE this part. That's why the knitting was done in about 45 minutes but they still aren't ready to be felted.) and then felt one of each size. The pair on the left is the small with the bumper and the medium without the bumper is on the right. The x-small were done quite awhile ago in a pretty colorway that had bright pink in it. I thought they were going to be ugly while I was knitting them because there was a tan stretch of color in the yarn but once it was felted I loved it. Very pretty yarn.
Aren't they cute???

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Hi everyone!

Welcome to my new blog. I'm so excited to have my own space! I've been reading several blogs for quite some time now and I keep thinking about how much fun it would be to have one too. So here it is.

I plan to post often but with 3 kids it might be hit or miss. School starts back in just a few short weeks and then things will be even crazier around here. I know, I know...the school year is suppose to return a sense of normalcy to life right? Wrong! When I decided to stay home with the kids life was quiet. Too much so. My 2 oldest were painfully shy and not interested in going anywhere or doing anything. I use to dream of the day when I would be running the kids all over. I felt deprived of a busy life. I made work for myself. Instead of the bus, I drove the kids to and from school. For the 2 years my husband worked out of town that meant 4 trips to and from school per day. Sure there was the occasional trip to the grocery store or a field trip for school, but still I felt empty. Some days I wonder what the hell I was thinking!!! My husband is working back in town now so he takes my son to school in the morning but that still leaves 3 trips to and from for drop offs and pickups. My son plays football. Go ahead...send you condolences. There's always way more away games than home games. Did I mention that I have a 2 year old? Did I mention that some of the fields are without fences? Do you know how fast a 2 year old can run? Until recently my daughter was in dance class. Although this was only once a week it was at dinner time. Ok, not a normal family dinner time...our dinner time. You know, the one you have when you have a son who plays football. I no longer feel deprived. I cherish the days that the baby is sleeping when it's time to pick my son up from school so I have an excuse to have my husband go out instead. I love my kids. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that they are much more social now. It's amazing to see how they've grown from the shy little people they once were. And I am much more content than I was a few years ago. I no longer make work for myself and I look forward to summer vacation just as much as bedtime.

So what do I do after the kids go to bed and I've worked on cleaning up after the hurricane that blows through our house everyday? I knit. Big stuff, little stuff, easy stuff and intricate stuff. Bags, sweaters, mittens, gloves, scarves, shawls, socks and clogs. Lots of socks and clogs. Since we've already covered the 3 kids thing, you are correct in assuming that I don't have much time to actually shop for yarn. I buy lots of stuff online. All the yarn your heart desires. Drop it in your online basket, insert credit card and voila...a few days to a week later there it is. Sitting on your front steps. As if that isn't bad enough, about a year ago the most amazing new yarn store opened only 10 minutes from me. As you all know, there's nothing like being able to actually see and touch yarn in person. Needless to say, I don't buy as much yarn online as I once did. Sue is as wonderful as her store. She's recently moved from her first small location to a much larger building with a coffee bar, comfy chairs and lots more room for the beautiful fibers she carries. I hope this signals booming business. I don't get to visit her as often as I'd like to so the time I do get to spend there is precious. If you're ever in Lake Placid be sure to stop in and see her! You'll be glad you did, I promise!

Oh!!! I have exciting news!!! The one and only Yarn Harlot will be visiting Adirondack Yarns in Lake Placid, NY on Monday, September 26th at 7pm. As soon as I heard I informed my husband and kids that I would be off duty that night. Can you believe this??? I'm still in shock! Stephanie is going to be only 10 minutes from my house! I was so bummed when I wasn't able to make the 2 hour drives to see her when she was in NY or VT before. But now! Must. See. Stephanie. I'm thrilled! Obviously not speechless, but definitely thrilled.

Wow, I never thought when I sat down to start this post that I'd have so much to say. I thought it would be awkward and I'd hear crickets chirping in the background. If you've made it this far you are a gem and I look forward to seeing you again soon. ;-)