Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's Time We Talked

Yes, I mean "The Talk". I know it's early in our relationship but it's the responsible thing to do. We're all adults. There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It's magical. You know how it happens. Your eyes lock across a crowded room. Your heart skips a beat. You look around anxiously to see if anybody is watching. Is someone going to get there before you? You don't waste any time. You dart quickly through the crowd. You smile.

Sure it starts innocently enough but the next thing you know you're touching and fondling. You're fantasizing about the things you're going to do when the voice of the store owner snaps you out of the daze you're in..."Do you need help?" Yes, yes, yes.

S. E. X. (Or Stash Enhancing eXpeditions) What did you think I was talking about? As you can see by the photo below, I've been enjoying lots of SEX lately. :-)

All of the wonderful goodies in this photo came from Sue. The lovely stuff shown front and center is the most wonderful Baby Alpaca I've ever had the pleasure to experience. It's amazing to me how soft this stuff is. I knit a hat in grey for my husband with this last winter and he didn't want to take it off come spring. I also used this in pink for a sweater for the baby and in red for the Braided Neckpiece from Loop-D-Loop. I've got to dig out the sweater that I knit for the baby and post a photo of it. It's one of the Monkeysuits patterns and it's got cables. Cables + Baby Alpaca = Amazing!!!

You'll have to use your imagination on the rest. I've deleted the other 2 photos to allow a post of a sock closeup. They were all Opals. The first photo was the entire Opal Rainforest collection minus the Zebra. I got a wonderful deal on this online from a crack dealer...I mean yarn seller...in Germany. Unfortunately, the package and postal rates insisted that I leave an animal behind. It was an incredibly painful decision to make but I finally did eenie meenie and the poor Zebra lost out. I feel guilty. The same guilt Noah would have felt had he told the Zebra there was no room at the Inn...oops, I meant arc. The other two in the 3rd photo were vintage Opals that I found on eBay from another seller in Germany.

Phew, I'm tired. Time to turn in...SEX is exhausting.

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Donna S. said...

Great job on your blog Kerry. I read several blogs daily & think about starting one but I just don't think I have anything interesting enough to say!! And I don't seem to have the FO as fast as some do so it would prob be boring!