Friday, August 26, 2005

If The Sale Fits

Dan and Darcie are finally home again after having to spend a weeks visitation with their father. We picked them up at 5pm yesterday. They hate to go. We hate that they have to go. So when they're home we like to do fun things. Like shop for new back to school clothes. All 3 of my kids love to get new clothes.

So last night we went for a ride over to Lake Placid to look for sneakers. There's a Super Shoes there and they've been advertising sneakers that the kids like at prices I like. About an hour after entering the store we had 3 new pair of sneakers, a shirt and pair of jeans for Dan and 1 screaming toddler. Dailaesse hadn't had a nap. She had just tried on a new pair of Skechers with lights that flash when you walk. She wasn't impressed that they had to go in the bag and not on her little feet. Everyone within a 5 mile radius of Super Shoes last night will attest to the fact that she wasn't happy. Especially the 20 something cashier who told me kids like her were exactly the reason why he would never be having children. "It's 7 at night and she's napless. She's normally very good," I say. He reiterates the fact that he'll never have children. I hope he's right. He's not very pleasant.

As soon as we got home she took her Nikes off and threw them in the garbage. I don't think she likes them anymore. What do you think? She screamed until we got her new sneakers laced up and on her feet. The noise stopped as soon as the second shoe was tied and her feet hit the floor. She ran through the house insisting that not only did these new sneakers make her run faster than her old ones but that these made her go even faster than normal sneakers because these have lights. At about 8pm I took her up to put her to bed. We argued for 15 minutes about her shoes coming off. I finally won after convincing her that her feet would get sweaty if she slept with them on and then her new sneakers would stink. No 2 year old princess wants stinky sneakers.

She tossed and turned for about half an hour before she started pulling out all the stops. She needed to pee. She knows the world stops when she has to use the bathroom. We got up and headed across the bedroom. As soon as I opened the door I knew this wasn't going to be a quick trip. My parents were here. Dailaesse started squealing and headed down the stairs. Not without her sneakers of course. She sat on the floor in front of my parents and showed them over and over how the sneakers light up by banging them on the floor. She tapped them ten ways to Tuesday and when she finally tired she crawled up on the couch next to me and started watching tv.

Dan and Darcie were telling and showing my parents their new things. My mother commented on how much she liked the clothes Dan had picked out. She asked how the prices were. Dailaesse is singing along to the commercial on tv not paying attention to anything we're talking about. Or so I think. She gets all excited and starts jumping up and down on the couch. "Nana, my new sneakers have lights and they were priced on sale! I love a good sale!" Where does the child come up with this stuff??? She's 2, not 20.

Tonight at the mall she asked the girl at Aeropostale if the clothes Darcie bought were on sale. The sales girl just looked at her and didn't answer. Dailaesse asked her again. A little louder this time. The girl tells her that yes, everything is on sale. Dailaesse wants to look for new clothes for her. I explain that they only have clothes for big girls like Darcie and I at this store. "But they're on sale. When I'm a bigger girl I can fit them." I guess she really does love a good sale. :-)

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