Monday, August 29, 2005

Clog Dancin'

Quick Note - I've had a lot of drive-by comments lately so I've changed the settings to allow only members of the blog to post. I hope this isn't an inconvenience for anyone and most of all that it doesn't discourage anyone with a valid comment from posting. If anyone has a better idea let me know. I love advice!

This weekend was so awesome! The weather was great so we took the kids to Plattsburgh both Friday and Saturday to go on the bumper boats and go-karts. What a blast! I wish I had brought my camera.

Darcie wouldn't go Friday night for some reason or another so she hung out and watched the rest of us. We were the only ones in the pool for the bumper boats so we could pretty much do wahtever we wanted plus we got to stay in longer. Dailaesse would pat Brandon on the leg and tell him what a good job he was doing everytime he bumped Dan or I. She ended up with a soggy rear towards the end of the ride and that did her in. She doesn't like to be wet unless she's in the pool or tubby. Everyone at Putters got a glimpse of the moon on our way out Friday night. Yeah, she hates being wet that much. Brandon had her hand as we were walking out and I was behind them with Darcie. Darcie says, "Um Mom, why are Dailaesse's shorts and underpants around her ankles?" Good thing she's only 2! Of course I wish I could have done the same thing. I was completely soaked. We're talking bottom-of-your-shorts-dripping soaked. And we needed to go to the mall. Do you have any idea how many heads turn when they see a 33 year old walking through the mall with a wet ass? Lots.

Saturday was Dailaesse's turn to be a turkey. She wouldn't get in the bumper boats for anything. I tried bribing her with ice cream. Nothing. I offered a new toy. Nothing. She wanted to go in the bouncy house. We paid for the ticket and she wouldn't go in. So she and I ended up watching everyone else have fun. Dan and Darcie were both soaked when they got done. Lucky for them that we had done all our running around BEFORE going on the bumper boats. Yes folks, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

I finally sat for a few minutes last night and started the sole for a new pair of clogs. I balled the yarn for the uppers and cast on the sole. They're being worked in Lamb's Pride. These will fit a mans size 13. The soles are Sable and the uppers will be Winter Blue. I didn't choose the colors but I really like the combination. I think brown is a lot like black. It works well with everything.

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