Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Road Trip

Ok, maybe it wasn't an honest-to-goodness road trip, but we did throw the girls in the van a couple weeks ago to go get some new summer clothes and groceries in Plattsburgh. We pulled in shortly after noon and stopped at the traffice light on the main drag. Dailaesse started bouncing around in the back of the van, excitedly screaming for us to look at the cute little doggy in the car next to us. Bran was driving and I was knitting. The car was on Bran's side. He turned and looked and his face got beet red. He told Dailaesse it wasn't a dog and asked her to please look forward. I had no idea what was going on so like an idiot, I looked over too. Bran was right, it wasn't a cute little doggy in the car next to us. It was a young guy in a sporty yellow car with a blond laying in his lap. Dear Lord.

The light FINALLY turned green and we continued on down the road to Sam's Club. We pulled in and the girls hopped out of the van. This is what was in the car a couple spots over from us...

It was an interesting day.