Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Purple Pangea

I was just going through my pictures and found one I forgot to show you. It's the Pangea Shawl and I was really feeling the love for it when I started it. But then I stalled. I still totally love it but I need to find the time (quiet time) to knit on it. I'm really itching to pick it back up.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Not So Famous Famous Hat

I told you I had been busy knitting. I designed this hat based on a commercial pattern I saw kicking around on some pretty cool heads. This one is knit in worsted weight and is quite cool, in my opinion. The pattern can be purchased over there in the right hand side bar or you can get a smokin' hot kit from Sue. I did this as a mystery knit with a group on Ravelry. Check it out. There are some amazing color combos and awesome knitting to see!

And Leslie dear, I promise to get you that note I owe you. :-)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Month and More

Wow. It's been over a month since I posted last. Lots has happened. Most of it good.

We got a new fridge. She gives us water and ice through her door and doesn't complain. She allows us to open her freezer door without barfing ice cubes all over the kitchen floor. She keeps things in her compartments at the temperature she promises. She's shiny. I love her.
I turned 37 on the 16th of this month.
Dan made captain of the track team.
Darcie got a 102 average in math.
Dailaesse is having a blast homeschooling.

I bought the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book. If you don't have this book you should buy it right now. Amazing. And it honestly only takes a few minutes to make a loaf. Just look at my first loaf:
I've also done lots of knitting. I was on a serious dishcloth kick for a few days.

I also finished a pair of Blueberry Waffle socks. These were knit in STR Heavyweight Rocktober. So soft and squishy. I gifted them to my Aunt Noreen. She loves them as much as I did. I finished the Noro Kureyon socks I had started for my dad. My mom told me today she's washed them several times now and he still can't wear them. They make his feet itch something terrible. I'm so bummed. I didn't really enjoy knitting with the yarn but they are really nice looking socks. Maybe a couple more washings? Anyone have any thoughts?

There's lots more too but I've already shared enough photos for today. Back tomorrow with some more.