Friday, June 30, 2006

Love is in the Air

Look what I got today:

Thanks Jennifer! You brightened my gloomy Friday!

Oh, I just remembered someone asking not long ago if I knew who my pal was because I knew her name and the answer is that yes I know her name (it was on the slip that was included in the box from Amazon with the wonderful books) but I don't know her blog. I'm not sure that I'd be able to find her based on her name or not and I'm too lazy to try and find out. Plus it's way more fun to find out at the end of the exchange anyways. :-)

I didn't get to work on the wrap at all Wednesday night because we went to Ronnie's for dinner and didn't get back until late. Then I fell asleep putting Dailaesse down. I can't believe how tired I was. I've been really stressed lately and it's taking a toll. Of course because I fell asleep so early I was awake at 4am and had a heck of a time getting back to sleep. Should have gotten up and worked on the wrap. I worked another ball of alpaca last night though and hope to do the same this evening.

It may not look like much progress but when I was finished with the first ball it was only 9.5" and it's now about 15". Plus I was working almost 100 more stitches than when I first started. I love the way it's coming along.


Anonymous said...

And you can see the coral color much clearer in this photo. Gorgeous!! And I bet it's so soft too.


laura said...

nice the way you showed the two colors!!

also love that "butterfly" lesson, lol

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