Sunday, April 30, 2006

Head Bangin' Fun

Dan had his first track meet on Thursday. He's throwing shot put and discus and he does incredibly well. Better than some of the high school kids in fact. Pretty impressive for a middle school kiddo. He's one of only 3 boys from the middle school who were chosen to be on the high school varsity track team. I'm so proud that he's found a spot for himself. He's made some really great friends at the high school which is awesome since he's very quiet and generally has a hard time getting to know people. I feel much better about his transition into high school next year.

After we left the track meet (me, Dailaesse & my Aunt Noreen because it was visitation day for Dan and Darcie and their asshole father won't let Darcie go to the meet with me or Dan ride home after the meet with me) we went to grab a quick bite to eat at Wendy's. We got out of the van and crossed the parking lot. Dailaesse was actually pulling me across the parking lot because she loves Wendy's and couldn't wait to get in. I went to open the door for her and she ran at the same time. I'm sure you can guess what happened. Dailaesse's forehead and the door connected. She stepped back a little and grabbed her head and started screaming. I scooped her up and gave her lots of kisses and she was fine. Thank God it didn't leave a mark. She had a great time at the meet so I think that helped to balance out her mood after her fight with the door.

In knitting news, I finished my Sixth Sense socks and I love them to pieces. I worked these in Koigu KPPPM. The color number is P535 29. They are so comfy and the fit is incredible. I was really concerned about the heel since the short rows tend to be a little shallow but it's perfect. I liked the pattern so much that I've cast on for a pair for Bran in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport Shadow and Charcoal. What do you think about it so far? Honestly? I'm still not so sure about the cuff but I keep thinking that once I get done I'll like it a lot better. I plan to use the Shadow for heels and toes. Should be a nice balance. I hope.

Don't forget today is the last day to sign up for Secret Pal 8.


laura said...

glad the wee one was ok.
and the socks for bran are awesome!!

maggieBB said...

i like the cuff, i think that's very fun :)

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