Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Elementary, My Dear Watson

I really need to start using bigger words.


Leslie said...

I find it exceedingly difficult to agree with the results of the analysis medium advertised on your blog; especially when it rates my very personal, well thought out and exceedingly literate (although not oft updated)blog at the same unflattering level.


Shall we adjourn to the library and peruse the thesaurus?

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad Kerry, I was so curious I had to check that out, and my own blog rated the same. There was a glimmer of light for my gardening blog though. That rated higher - "High School"

Personally, as long as we are enjoying ourselves, and our readers are liking what they are seeing and reading, that's what matters most.


Maureen said...

Too cute! I'll have to look to see what mine is...