Tuesday, June 03, 2008

One Down

One more in this pattern to go. This is the size 4 which is a little small for Duder as you can see. I'm anxious to get the 8 finished up and tried on to see how that one fits. I was thinking of doing an 8 in the cardigan for her for school in the fall but now I'm thinking maybe a 6 is in order instead.
I'd love to hear from anyone who has knit this as the neckline seems to sit quite low to me. It looks ok when on I guess but...I don't know there's just something that doesn't feel right. Feedback???


p3knitter said...

Kids grow quick ... I would do a size 8 and rather it be too big than too small.

Looks great BTW - love the pattern!

Maureen said...

So cute! Can't wait to see the red one on her! I always seem to make a "too big" size for my nieces, they end up wearing them longer ... one season too big, next season just right, then no longer fits!