Thursday, April 03, 2014

Pampered Piggies

After not having had a pedicure since being in the hospital last year, I decided last month it was high time to go! I checked with my doctor out here to be sure it was ok and got the green light. I have to admit I was a little nervous. Between the diabetes and blood thinner, a bad pedicure could be a major downer for me. I searched online for people who do medical pedicures and found an awesome girl only 10 miles away. I saw her again yesterday and am every bit as happy as I was last month. There's something about having pretty toes that just makes me smile. And pretty toes in a bubble bath? Well that makes this girl absolutely giddy! :-)


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Sandra Knapp said...

I have to admit, a pedicure is one thing I've never had done. Actually, I've only had a single manicure is all my life. Just never got "into" that kind of thing. Of course, being the "farmer" type, with my hands in the dirt so much, might be an explanation. LOL

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