Monday, May 14, 2007

A Little Q & A

My hostess with the mostess for the Summer Dishcloth Swap has asked us to post the answers to the following questions...

What is one baked item you love making or buying and why?

This is a really tough one since I don't make or buy baked goodies very often. I guess I'd have to say my favorite would be cinnamon streusel or coffee cake because it tastes good.

What is one item you love to knit and why?

Socks are my favorite because they are so portable and because they can be knit with awesome, expensive yarn more cheaply than a sweater with the same yarn.

Favorite outdoor activity and why?

Totally depends on the season. I love snowmobiling in the winter, swimming in the summer, and walking in the spring and fall.

Favorite way to relax?

On the couch in front of the TV with my knitting. :-)

I don't have time to post like I want to about the coffee swap or the red and blue junkie swaps but do want to send a HUGE thank you to my pals, Laura, Debb, and Sonia. You ladies are absolutely amazing and I love the packages you put together for me! THANK YOU!!! I promise a proper post soon. :-)


Lynn said...

You really ARE a swap slut. ;) Just hope you are giving as good as you are getting!

Boy that sounds foul...



You've been tagged for a Meme. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

This is your KTS3 pal, I see you're a choco-holic. :) Are you a fruity tea person (oops a pun!) or an herbally tea person or a "I'm gonna drink it black 'cause I rock" kind of person? ;)
ps, I'll stay anonymous until you get the package, unless you really want to know who I am :)