Friday, May 18, 2007


as Milk & Honey.

I finished these socks for Bran made from Lisa Souza's Sock! yarn in Milk & Honey on Sunday and he wore them to work Monday and yesterday. They fit him perfectly (7" cuff with the foot knit 'til it measured 9.5" before starting the toe) and he loves them. The yarn was an absolute dream to work with and I'm looking forward to using it again. Bran's looking forward to me using it again too. So long as it gets knit into socks for him. ;-)

I made some awesome oat bars at the beginning of the week that everyone (including the pickiest kid in the house) liked. Here's the recipe:

1 cup natural peanut butter
1 cup honey
3 cups old fashioned oats
2 cups slivered almonds

Heat the peanut butter and honey in a large non stick pot over medium heat until runny. Add in oats and almonds and stir until oats and nuts are completely covered. Press into a 9"x13" pan. Cool. Cut into bars and wrap in tin foil. Store in a plastic zip lock bag.

You're not supposed to have to store them in the fridge since the ingredients are all natural but I like them when they're cold. Plus, the peanut butter I used needs to be put in the fridge after it's opened so I'm assuming the bars should be too. I love these in the morning because they're very filling. In the afternoon when I want something sweet these totally satisfy the craving.


Sarah said...

Lucky hubby! Nice work.

yvonnep said...

Great socks and yes, Liza Souza's is wonderful!

Melzy Knits said...

Those turned out really nice.

Knittymama said...

Those are lovely. I love the LS sock yarn!

I'm gonna have to try those bars out for my guy!

KaKi said...

TAG! You are it!! The 7 Things about you meme!! I am spreading the meme love!! hehehehehe!! I am making the oat bars tomorrow!! They sound wonderful!! My kids love those things and they are too expensive to keep buying!!! Thanks for the recipe!!!

Knitman said...

Of course your husband loves them-they are worth loving. Well knitted and I really like the colourway.