Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tofu for my Footsies

I'm totally loving the new color for the Tofutsies sock club. It's black mixed with gorgeous tropical colors like turquoise, yellow, pink, and orange. At least that's what I remember it being. You see, I keep forgetting to buy a ball of it every time I stop at the LYS. Why? Because my LYS has crazy amounts of awesome new sock yarn coming in every other day.

Like this new OnLine that Darcie chose the other day.

It screamed "Jaywalker" as soon as I saw it. I love how it's working up and she is too. She can't wait to get them on her feet. I hope to finish them up before school starts. The pattern is so addicting that I don't think it'll be a problem.

I only thought I might have a touch of ADD before but now I'm pretty certain I do. It's so hard to decide which to buy. Anywho, this new color makes me want to sit by the pool and sip a fancy drink with an umbrella in it. Instead I think I'll sit by the pool and start a new pair of socks. Tomorrow. Because again, I forgot to buy a skein of it. Grrr. If you want some for yourself go visit Sue at Adirondack Yarns. Oh, and just so you know, she's got two big baskets full of Cherry Tree Hill Sockitome. I can see why everyone is raving about this stuff. It's silky and soft and just gorgeous. I think a skein of that will be finding it's way home with me soon too. :-)


Shelby said...

The Sockitome is so amazing, isn't it?! I got a skein in Blueberry Hill (because of a Dora episode tha tCleia loves), from The Loopy Ewe a month or so ago, and I love it! I'm making socks for her first, though I"m not as far as I'd like. Then I'm making some toe-ups for me, since it's just so soft!!

Knitting Mama said...

Hey Kerry.

How much is a skein of that ball of yarn? Maybe I'll have you bring me one to the Wool Gathering and give you cash - I LOVE THE COLORS! It's screaming jaywalkers to me too.

Join our Jayawlkers kal - jaywalkerskal.blogspot.com

And - Sunday, Sept 16 - are we meeting at the Roxham Wool Gathering?

dee said...

They are fabulous!

You are right the yarn screams jaywalkers