Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Holidays!

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and wish you a healthy, happy New Year!!!

We had a wonderful day yesterday with the kids. They all got lots of stuff they wanted and were incredibly happy. Dailaesse slept in her new Dora bed until about 4 this morning when she decided it was time to crawl into our bed so she could nurse. I don't expect this transition to happen over night. I didn't sleep well until she got in with us at 4. Her new little bed is only a foot away from ours but I was awake all night checking on her. I can't believe she slept so long. She must be comfortable. She's back there now. We'll see how long it last tonight. My cousins two are spending the night tonight so I'm hoping they don't wake her.

My son gave me a skeing of Opal and a skein of Fleece Artist sock yarn for Christmas. He picked them out and paid for them himself. I'm so proud of him. The Opal is a solid blue color. Perfect for a pair of socks for him. The Fleece Artist is blue and green and just gorgeous. Darcie made us the most beautiful decoration for the tree with her picture on it. She decorated it herself with pretty glitter pens and dated it too. It's hanging on the tree and will each year from now on. I look forward to the ornaments the kids make. They make me smile when I pull them out of their cases to put them on the tree each year. My hubby got me 3 skeins of Fleece Artist and 6 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill Possum. This is the first year that any of them have gotten me something from the yarn store. I've asked for many years too. Mom and Dad got me 2 new pairs of jammies, 2 shirts, some fluffy slipper socks and cold hard cash. :-) I'll be heading to the yarn store this week. And I promise to post pictures soon. The house looks like a tornado blew through and I need to get organised.

Adrienne...I need you to send me an email. I don't have your address. I thought for sure I did but I can't seem to find it. I'll try to look again tonight but in case I don't get time drop me a note. I can't wait to get your goodies out to you!

Things have been crazy and I'm putting that mildly. Dan and Darcie told their father that they don't want to go visit him anymore on Tuesday night. He blew up and threatened to smash them into the ground. Great guy huh? Then he made them do their chores before letting them get their homework done. I stayed up with them until 11pm helping them to get their homework finished, getting them showered and then getting them calmed down and into bed. My poor little Darcie Jae was so upset by the wayhe treated them that we had to pull over on the way home because she thought she was going to vomit. I've been praying for a long time that the kids would find the strength to stand up to him. I'm very proud of them for being so strong. I'm also scared that their father might hurt them for standing up to him. I've contacted a new lawyer and hope to meet with him soon so we can get back to court to try once again to get the visitation order modified. Keep your fingers crossed for my babies. They're going to need it. Since all this has happened we've decided to cancel our trip to Buffalo. I want to be close to home in case something does happen. Hopefully their father will decide to honor their wished and let them come home. I don't want to be more than 6 hours away in the winter if that happens.

I got my final package from my wonderful Secret Pal last week as well. Susan has been so good to me and I just can't thank her enough. She sent 2 gorgeous skeins of Noro Kureyon, a great quilt book and Modular Knits. Again, I promise photos soon. :-) Susan, thank you so much for making my first SP experience so wonderful!!! I'm looking forward to reading your blog now so I can get to know you a little better. Hope you had as great a time as I did!

Anyone have any big plans for New Year's Eve??? We'll be sitting at home on our lazy asses where it's nice and warm watching the ball drop on TV like usual. Yeah, we're real party animals.


cindyleelee said...

some real highs and lows for your holiday! I'm so sorry the kids father is such a jerk, and I hope everything turns out okay. I sure can understand that you don't want to be too far away....
Your secret pal is a treasure! I love Kureyon and their incredible color changes. Let us know what you decide to do with it.
Enjoy your New Year celebration, we do exactly the same thing!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a nice Christmas, and the kids were so happy with all of their surprises. It's a shame your ex had to be such an ass too. Hoping you get that settled to your advantage quickly. The kids don't need that kind of influence.

Sounds like your Secret Pal did a great job of sending you lovely things too. How thoughtful and kind.

DH and myself celebrate New Year's Eve the same way, and have for many years now. It's just so much safer being at home, and warmer too. Who needs to be on the highways with so many intoxicated celebrants? Not I.

Have a great New Year!

Heavenly Evil said...

Wow. Sounds busy. I hope things go better for the kids. It's never nice being stuck in the middle, even worse when one parent is being a jerk.

Sorry I've been scarce I got really sick and then went home where there was no internet until a couple days ago. Now that I'm back I've gotten sick again, though I think I may finally be beating it.

All the sock yarn sounds really nice. I'm being bad and buying more. I should stop before I end up with a huge stash of stuff I won't know what to do with.

Happy holidays!

toni said...

Hey girlie hope things work out for the kids.. glad you had a good chirstmas.. hope you have a good New year. I am staying home also with two of my grandbabies while my daughter and her hubby goes out..

SDMC said...

I'm glad y'all had a great holiday. Sorry about the ex! I'll keep your children in my prayers. We'll do the same grand thing this New Year's Eve -- home with snacks and a movie marathon.

:L, Laura said...

happy holidays!
my thoughts and blessings are with you!

Anonymous said...


I miss you. I hope things will slow down enough for you to start posting again. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Anonymous said...

I hope your absence doesn't mean you are ill..........take care.

ollie said...

happy new year!!!!!!!!!!

:L, Laura said...

happy new year!
what's on the needles?

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