Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thank You Sandie!!!

I have to share with you the amazing gift I received from Sandie today. 6 absolutely gorgeous hand crafted ornaments and the most beautiful card!!! For me!!! I feel so loved and spoiled! The snowman, stocking, heart and angel are already on the tree. The large snowflake is hanging in the dining room window and the wreath is hanging on the inside front door. Thank you Sandie for taking time out during the busiest time of the year to spend some of your precious time doing something so wonderful for me. I can't tell you how much it means to me and how much I appreciate you for doing it.

And while I'm being all gushy...thank you everyone for your well wishes, understanding and friendship. I consider myself so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of friends. I really tend to throw myself into the kids and rarely take time out for myself. This blog is one of the little things I do for me and I thank you for making it such a rewarding experience!

Now with that said, I still haven't drawn a winner yet. I finally felt better this morning but I've been on the run since since 7 getting ready to leave tonight. Poor little Darcie ended up with the bug that's going around the house night before last. She stayed home from school yesterday and was back to her usual self this morning. I will be home late tomorrow night so will get the winner posted on Saturday. My friend Diane is coming over Saturday so I think I'll crown her "Name Picker-er" for the drawing. :-)

I hope you're all staying warm. It was 24 below yesterday morning and never got above zero yesterday. Brrr! It warmed up to 27 today and now they're calling for snow. Lots of snow. And freezing rain. Can't wait to travel tonight and tomorrow.


knittinannie said...

Wonderful news that you are on the mend! I'm sure Sandie's kindness & all of our concern for you & your family helped fight that evil bug.........We got 6 inches of snow today in Michigan's thumb & the news is "its going to keep coming.....its sooo beautiful!
Keep warm & dry.......regards

Anonymous said...

I am SO RELIEVED that your gift finally arrived. It sure took the US Postal Service long enough!!! But better late than never!

It was 2ยบ above zero here this morning, and it is snowing like mad at this very moment. They are saying 6" to 8" and some areas will be getting sleet and freezing rain, but I am not worried. We are probably too high for it to warm up enough for that here. Snow sure is getting deep though, and so early in the year. We should have no problem with a white Chrismas this year.

Have a fun trip and be very careful! My thoughts go with you.


SandyK said...

Sooo good to hear you're on the mend!

I used to think the winters in northern NV or back in MO were cold! I shudder at the thought of living with that. Must have lost my insulation (you'd never know that from the looks of me!) somewhere along the path of aging, cuz I sit here bundled up in my warm wool socks and sweats at temps in the 50's here in the desert.

If you get tired of that nasty cold weather and want a break, the door's always open here in the CA desert and the coffee's always on! gggg


Becky said...

Glad you're feeling better!

Donna S. said...

Just take care of yourself!!

Ollie said...

24 BELOW????? is that correct???? oh my, even in upstate NY I don't recall it getting THAT cold!!!!!! make sure you wear a hat!!!!!

isn't my sandie the most awesome kid in the whole world???????? yes, she is MY sandie & if she tries to deny it I'll just have to travel allll the way to PA & slap her silly!!!!

I'm so glad to hear you're getting better. & glad Darcie was only sick's worse when our kiddies are sick, it just about breaks your heart!

I hope you have a good time but don't overdue & have a great time w/your pal!!!!

SDMC said...

What a great gift box! I hope you all are feeling better now.

:L, Laura said...

hey there! duh confession, can't remember where you said you were going?
so glad darcy is better. and hope you are all going to stay well for awhile!
wonderful ornaments! Sande, you rock!

Ollie said...

how ya doin kerry??!! having fun in albany...good for you!!!! you better be bundled up all nice & cozy, keep that wind out!

hooray, it's friday!!!! and the countdown is here...moving closer & closer to xmas!!!!! I still don't know what's left to do. hey!!! maybe I better make a list, ya think?? ha ha ha!!!!!

cindyleelee said...

unexpected presents are always the best....enjoy looking at your new ornaments....

Glad to hear your little one is feeling better. It's miserable being sick during the holiday season, for the sickee, and for the parents too!

Stay warm!

toni said...

Its cold here too.. burrr .. well i cant remember the last time winter was so cold. hope it warms up soon lol

Ollie said...

it's the start of a new week...hope yours is a great one...the countdown to xmas begins!!!

cindyleelee said...

sure hope everything is okay, you've been awfully quiet....

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