Tuesday, December 20, 2005

We Have a Winner

Ok guys, this stomach bug made not only it's maiden trip through the house but decided to cycle back again. The only one who hasn't had it is Bran. I hope he doesn't have it for Christmas. It leaves you with a nice queasy tummy for a week or more. Which isn't good when you have 3 barfing babies. Trust me. I'm still not sure if I got sick again because I had the bug or because my stomach wasn't strong enough to handle it yet. Yuck.

We managed to have a nice trip to Albany without anyone getting ill. That's always a plus. Dailaesse and I hung at the hotel in the morning because I let Bran take the van to school instead of bringing him. They got about 2" of snow and some freezing rain. Since I don't know the area we were in very well I decided I really didn't want to be out on the roads with the freesing rain in the morning rush hour traffic. We had lots of fun jumping on the bed and riding the "alligator" back and forth to the vending machines. Bran picked us up when he got done for lunch and we went to Wendy's. I dropped him back at school after lunch and we ventured out for gas. We went back and waited for him in the college parking lot since they only had about an hour of class after they got done lunch. Dailaesse took a little nap and I listened to the country station on Sirius. After class let out we made our way to the Periwinkle Sheep. Even though I planned to behave myself and just browse (yeah right) I found myself weak and left with this. The good news is that I filled my frequent shopper card and now get 15% off my next purchase. I smell a road trip coming after Christmas. If you're ever in the Albany area be sure to stop by and say hello to Karen. She's super sweet and has an incredible shop with lots to choose from. We left there and headed to the mall where I pretty much finished my shopping. We stopped in Clifton Park for dinner and then started home about 8pm. The roads were bare until we pulled into Saranac Lake at 10. We always joke that we can tell we're getting close to home when the weather and roads get crappy.

Wanna see a few of the newer things I've been working on? There's this pair of Mountain Colors Bearfoot for Dan's size 12 men's feet. Ugh. Then there's the little wrap for Dailaesse made from Patons Astra which is really dragging. I've got a couple others I need to take pictures of. Just need to quit being so lazy and get click happy.

Think I should announce the winner now? Do ya? Do ya? Huh? Huh? Huh? Ok, the winner of the 12 Days of Christmas contest is...

Congratulations Adrienne! I'll be sending you an email shortly so I can get some more info from you.
Thanks again to everyone for playing along. It's been so great getting to know all of you better. I'm looking forward to the next contest. I think I'll work them around the Secret Pal contest again.
Thanks too for your well wishes and for being such a wonderful caring bunch of friends. This blog would be nothing to me without you all!!!


meg peters said...

congrats to adrienne!!!! & so glad you had fun on your trip, kerry!!! it was so quiet around here, I must say!!
oh, the Bearfoot is gorgeous....very subtle & yet manly too!!!!

Leslie said...

Congratulations, Adrienne! I'm sure Kerry will shower you with all sorts of good things.

Glad you had a good trip, Kerry :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Adrienne!! You are in for a special treat. Take it from one who knows!!

Kerry, that yarn you bought in Albany looks truly yummy! Gorgeous colors!! I also really like those socks you are knitting up for Brandon. Is he going to have nice warm feet or what? haha

I'm so sorry you had to suffer being ill again, and so soon too. But thankful you are all on the mend now. Have a wonderful week.

adrienne said...

wah-hoo!!! i can't believe that i won!!! is that really MY name?

oh, thank you, kerry!!! i'm sooo excited!!

sorry to hear that you & yours got sick again. the bug must be really strong because i got slightly ill over the weekend too. you know those viruses over the internet 8-P

i hope everyone reading kerry's blog has a wonderful holiday. i gotta finish wrapping stuff.

adrienne in the bellybutton of california

:L, Laura said...

i wish i could play secret pal. sounds so fun!
what on earth is the alligator you rode?

knittinannie said...

Horray for Adrienne! If you receive yarn, show us what you make!
So glad to hear everyone is now on the mend.......
Merry Christmas to all!!

cindyleelee said...

I love your purchases from Periwinkle! Beautiful colors. Is the yarn all intended for socks, or do you have something else in mind? I wish we had an LYS worth driving to around here . . . but I get to go to Oregon a few days after Christmas to visit the shops up there.

Congratulations Adrienne! Be sure and share (at least in words) what your package contains...

toni said...

Congrats Adrienne.. yee haa what a nice thing Kerry is doing . hope you have a good christmas and keep that flu bug away

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that you all have been so sick :( hope that you get over it before Christmas. Have a happy holiday :)

Congrats to Adrienne :)

:L, Laura said...

12-24 - happy holidays! hope you have a wonderful xmas eve and day tomorrow too!

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