Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Secret Pal

I have to tell you all what a blast I'm having with this round of Secret Pal. I wish I could tell you who I'm spoiling but that would totally ruin the surprise if my pal happened by the blog. I promise to announce it at the end of SP in March. The pal who is spoiling me is AWESOME!!! So attentive, sweet and VERY thoughtful. She sent the cutest birthday card for Dailaesse. It's the first time Dailaesse has ever received an online card. She was quite impressed. She loved the music and the little dancing dog and the baloons...oh the balloons! She kept saying how much she just loved that card. Then she asked if I could print it. So I did. She's been carrying it around the house since yesterday. Thank you once again Secret Pal for taking such good care of us!

Now, onto this Mini Secret Pal idea of mine. I've had several responses so here's what I need you to do if you want to join...send me an email (just click the link on the right) with the following information:

1. Your full name.
2. Your main email address.
3. Your snail mail address.
4. Your anonymous email address. (Yahoo and Hotmail are great as they don't require your real name to sign up.)
5. Any smoke or animal allergies.
6. What you think the minimum dollar amount should be to participate. (It will be at least $10.)
7. How long you'd like the swap to last. (1 month minimum to 3 months maximum.)

I think we'll have a lot of fun doing this!


:L, Laura said...

happy birthday to your Wee one!

i think enough yarn for 1 pr socks, even if pricey yarn is ok... what i hope to avoid is the deal that happened on one list, where one pal sent over $100 in yarn one month... others were left feeling badly, and listmom wouldn't act even though the one person showed a pattern of this excess.
can be fun anyway!

:L, Laura said...

how's the knitting going?

DianeS said...

Some of us who are new to the Secret Pal thing (that's be me) could probably use some guidance.

Clearly, Secret Pal sends presents. How often, generally speaking? Once a week? Once a month? Once?

Is everyone going to be knitters? While this restricts a bit the sorts of presents, it does lead to confidence in the presents that do come. If, for example like me, one mostly knits socks, is it OK to request sock yarn? Or to mention one's wish list at KnitPicks (or even Amazon)?

Anyway, I'm thinking about this, but need guidance. Thanks!