Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Up Close and Personal

Several of you asked for better pictures of the silk Tilli Tomas yarn. It really is gorgeous. I still haven't worked it up yet. I can't decide what, or even if, I want to do with it. I have to admit to having yarns that I feel are to special to work. Plus, once you work it you never get to do it again. I know, I have issues.

I received yet another package from my wonderful Secret Pal. The first issue of knitscene from Interweave Press and 2 skeins of gorgeous Koigu. Of course, there isn't any such thing as a Koigu that isn't gorgeous. The new knitscene magazine is loaded with projects. Lots of hip and trendy stuff. Very neat. Thank you so much once again Secret Pal!!! You have totally spoiled me rotten!


laura said...

your secret pal deserves canonization... well at least a serious hug!

cindyleelee said...

Beautiful yarn, lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry,

I think if I had 100% silk yarn, I would look high and low for just the right shell pattern to make myself a summer top with. Can you just imagine how it would feel??? Talk about yummy!!

Whatever you decide to make with it, I'm sure it will be wonderful!