Thursday, March 23, 2006

Magical Melaleuca

I hate to clean. Period. I had a woman who use to come clean the house every 2 weeks. She did an amazing job. We had a falling out when she tried having her husband (my best friend) arrested on false charges to try to get him out of their house sooner rather than later after she filed for divorce because she was bored with her life. Nasty bitch. I've yet to find a replacement for her. When people come in I tell them we're in between housekeepers. ha ha ha

But today I'm sitting here in a partly clean house. I say partly clean because I haven't finished all the rooms yet. YET. I will. I'm actually excited about cleaning now. Why am I excited about cleaning? Well, because of Melaleuca. This stuff is amazing. Period. I've caught up all the laundry within the past few days just because I'm excited about seeing how clean the clothes come with no effort on my part. I actually take the time to use the daily shower spray. Not just because it really works well but because it smells so good too. I sanitize all the kitchen and bathroom surfaces a couple times a day because I love the smell of the spray. It smells like thyme. I love it. Wanna know the best thing about their products? Because they are 100% natural they are 100% safe for the kids and the animals. Can you imagine? Cleaning products that not only sanitize and disinfect but that are safe too? I love it.

My cousin is a nurse at our local hospital and one of the other nurses introduced her to these awesome products. My cousin kept telling me about them but I was really hesitant to try them because I'm not a nature freak. I remember Dailaesse's godmother telling me about the cleaning products her environment loving daughter used that smelled to high heaven, didn't clean well and they were expensive. I thought this would be more of the same. It's not. If you become a member you get 30-40% off their regular prices and it makes it cheaper to buy Melaleuca products than the better known cleaning products. Everything is concentrated so you can make between 2 and 4 bottles of cleaner with just one bottle of the concentrate. Plus you get money back if you place your order before the 25th of each month. Plus if you join this month you get a $50 product pack for free with your first order this month and then $25 in Advantage points for next month. You also get to choose a free item with your second and third months of membership. But wait, there's more...the membership is only $9.95 for a whole year if you join this month instead of the normal $29.95. If you have kids, pets, allergies, asthma or just a dirty house this is the stuff for you!

Just to let you know, I'm not selling these products myself although you can if you want to. My plate is way too full for anything else. But, in order to get a membership you have to sign up through someone who is already a member. I'd be more than happy to do that for you, but that's all I'd be able to do. Melaleuca would send someone to see you if you were interested in selling their products. It sounds a lot like Avon. And no, I don't think it's anything like Amway. You don't have to sell it to be a member.

OK, I'm climbing down off my soap box to go knit now. I just had to share this with you all because I'm so excited about it. New cleaning products. Yippee! I know, I'm sad.


Melissa said...

I actually was introduced to this stuff last weekend and was skeptical, but you make me want to try it. I might give that chick a call.

Leslie said...

I hate to clean too - come to my house and you won't need me to tell you! LOL

Marc says he cleans but all he does is vacuum and sort of clean the bathroom and swab the visible parts of the kitchen counters on a daily basis. You sound happy about this stuff though. If something can make you eager and happy to clean it might be worth looking into.


Kate The Great said...

Is is against the rules to nominate a moderator for best secret pal? =)

Allison said...

Nice as it sounds, I STILL don't think it would make me like cleaning. Or even clean without a scowl...

Elliott 5 said...

If you want to sign up contact me at The products are "over the top GOOD." The company is too, just like the products. They also have a 100% guarantee on all of their products. What do you have to loose? Make the switch from toxic household cleaners and personal care products to a healthier way of living!!! I would love to help you.

SuperDavidBruce said...

Yep, I agree. The products are the best available out there!
Been a customer for over 5 yrs straight with no complaints.
Like to get more involved in the business end of it but life just gets in the way.
Later all.

Soulfull said...

I recently started a home-business working with these products. It's been interesting so far... I'll have to try that cleaner! :)

funnyfakhri said...

i like the products, i was a skeptic at first but melagel was the only thing that will cure my daughter's diaper rash with out breaking her out.