Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Puke & Poop

I know it's not pretty folks. Trust me. I've spent the past week in it.

My cousin and his family were home from Georgia for 3 weeks and were to leave last Friday. Since we had been super busy I decided we'd go visit them on Wednesday. Tuesday night the baby was totally stuffed up and had watery eyes. I was up all night with her because she couldn't breath out one side of her nose or the other. Poor litle doll. By Thursday evening she was starting to feel better (while I had woken with a sore throuat that morning) and Friday she was back to her old self.

Friday we decided to go get some groceries and try to do a little Christmas shopping as soon as the hubby got done work. The baby fell asleep on the way to Plattsburgh and when she woke up when we got there she was burning up. I ran to Old Navy and GNC while she and her daddy sat in the van and then we went to Wendy's (her favorite place to eat) for dinner. She was really looking forward to going to WalMart so we decided to run through and grab some groceries quick. We picked up some Tylenol and cough medicine for her and she was as happy as a clam the rest of the time we were there. Of course as soon as it was bedtime she wasn't feeling well again.

Saturday she and her daddy put the tree up and decorated it. They did such a nice job.

She was still coughing up a storm until late this morning when she miraculously started feeling better. I think it was God's way of giving me a little reprieve since I've been up since 3 this morning with the oldest monkey. This is where the puke and poop part comes in. Poor little man. He tried to hit the toilet on his way in to the bathroom but rolfed all over every other square inch of the bathroom instead. Honest. And now he has to go across the street for a 2 hour visit tonight where they'll force him to eat so he'll spend the night in the bathroom again. I'm sending a note and saltines. Keep your fingers crossed for us both.

I finally got around to starting this gorgeous jacket.

Here's a closeup of the stitch pattern...

I really like it a lot. I'm hoping to attach the fronts to the back tonight and start on the sleeves. Providing nobody else in the house gets sick.

***I wrote this post on the 12th and then couldn't get the damn pictures off the camera. Hubby fixed the camera last night and I'm finally posting. Don't ask how the past 2 days have gone. LOL


Starfish said...

Sorry about all the bodily fluid stuff, it's not something I'm looking forward to!

That jacket is gorgeous, great stitch pattern and a lovely color

Shelby said...

Poor kids! It's unfortunately that time of year. Gotta love the little germ factories. Hopefully the rest of you don't get the pukes too!!

Susan Hird said...

Oh you poor girl. I know just what it is like with littlies who are sick. Thankfully I'm past that now, except when babysitting my grandchildren, but can still empathise.
Love your tree. I'm still to put mine up, lazy person that I am. Actually I'm waiting for my son to get it out of storage, just in case there are any spiders in there.
The Jacket looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished item.
Sue Hird.