Friday, December 01, 2006

Tonight I Knit

So I've not done much in the way of knitting in the past week. I did a couple of the Garterlac Dishcloths. That was it. See? I wasn't just whistlin' Dixie when I said I've not done much. I did one in blues and one in greens and like them very much. They go really quickly and are great for mindless knitting in front of the TV. Tonight I will be diving into a sweater. I can't wait. I've already wound the yarn and dug out my needles. It's going to be great.

In other news, I received a helmet liner from one of my participants so my lonely liner now has another to keep it company until it's time to mail them out to the troops.

Sharon's is on the left and mine is on the right. Can you tell I didn't take time to check my gauge? Susan's is bigger than mine and I plan to go up a needle size on my next liner to increase the size a bit. The liner fits my son and dad perfectly but is a little snug on my hubby.

My littlest monkey ordered some new skirts from Old Navy last Sunday after having a meltdown because she didn't have any skirts that she liked or any tights to wear with the skirts that she didn't have. All week she's been waiting patiently (I'm being REALLY sarcastic here) for her new skirts, tights, and shirts to match the skirts to arrive. Yesterday I finally checked on the package to see where it was and found that UPS would be delivering it today. As soon as her big blue eyes opened this morning I knew I had made a dreadful mistake in telling her that they would be here today. And every 15 minutes I was reminded of said dreadful mistake. And since it's the holiday season UPS decided to torture me and not arrive until 4:30 this afternoon. As soon as "the big brown truck" rolled down the street she was jumping for joy. And when I brought the package in and handed it to her she immediately stripped and put on a new skirt, tights, and shirt. I tell you this story because sonny-boy was just on his way across the yard to see my parents and as soon as she found out he was going she insisted on going to. Her brother told her it was too cold to go out in a skirt and she told him...

"No it's not! These are outdoorsable!"


TheAmpuT said...

You can bet that a few of those dischloths are totally in my future. I'm dishcloth addict who hasn't tried entrelac yet.
Thanks for the link...and good to "see" you!!

Diane said...

Outdoorsable! How friggin cute is that?

What's up with chub club? No postings by anyone but me for the most part. A little lonely.

Anonymous said...

I see your "littlest monkey" is as precocious as ever! haha

I just checked out thost helmet liners. Great idea. I might add a few of my own to the collection. I don't particularly agree with this war, but I will always support our troops. After all, they are only following orders.

Hope all is well with you and yours. You are often on my mind, always in my heart! Take care :)