Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What a Phony

This is my first attempt at a Fake Isle. I love the pattern and had a great time knitting it. It won't be my last but I will make some modifications on my next one. I already shortened this one but I suspect it's still going to be too long. I'll also change the rib from 3x1 to 2x2 on the next one. I'm hoping to deliver it to my Aunt Noreen this week. If it's too long I think I might turn the rib and stitch it to the inside of the hat. Keep your fingers crossed.


Chars said...

Its still really nice - I think you are a very talented knitter

hugs xx

Maureen said...

oooo! I love the colors you chose to use. I made mine dark with orange for the husband. Love the different way yours looks.