Thursday, August 07, 2008


Where in the world has the last month gone??? I always think for some reason that summer is going to be less busy and chaotic than the school year. Right.

So, we bought a new van...

She is a 2008 Town & Country Limited and has 2 DVD/TV screens, navigation, hands free phone, backup alarm and camera, swivel seats, a table, and I'm head over heels in love with her. I can see us keeping her until her wheels fall off.

I got a new phone...

The Blackberry Curve in silver. I started with the Blackberry Pearl in pink but found it too hard for my poor text-challenged fingers to work. I can't begin to tell you how much I love my phone. It's awesome. The clarity is amazing and the capabilities are to dye for.

Bet you're thinking I've not done any knitting though huh? Well I have. Just look...

This is a little hat I knit for Darcie. It's knit in Catalina Chunky Baby Alpaca and takes less than 2 skeins. You hold the yarn doubled and knit on a size 11. Can you say 1 nite knit?

These are the Thuja socks I started for Daddy a really long time ago. They're finally finished and on his feet. He loves them. I knit these from Mountain Colors Bearfoot that I purchased from a fellow Ravelry user.And this is Girly from Wee Knits 3. What a fun knit this was! I never would have chosen these colors on my own but they work so well together. It's such a sweet sweater. I knit the 6 month size in the Mission Falls 1824 Cotton as called for in the pattern. Love it! I think I just might hang on to this one and donate it to the auction for St. Bernard's this year since the bag was such a hit.

Those are just the few projects I've actually finished since last time. There's lots more that's been cast on and I'll be sharing them soon.

I'm working on putting together a Mystery Sock/Fingerless Glove Knit A Long. We'll be starting on the 18th of this month and Sue will be offering a sweet discount on Tofutsie yarn for it. You can also knit from stash for this one so if you'd like to join just drop me a note to get signed up!

I hope you're all having a wonderful summer! I'd love to hear what everyone else has been knitting (or not)!


Shelby said...

Count me in on the mystery knit! I have some tofutsies in my stash that I've been wanting to try, so I'll use it! Yeah!

Congrats on the new car and phone! Love them!

Kelly said...

Love the Blackberry Curve...I have one and it's awesome!

Maureen said...

WOW! love the new phone and car! Thuja's are lovely. Cute sweater too!

Chars said...

HI Ker...

Great to see you posting again... I have a new blog - here is the link

Would you believe my lil princess is one already?

Talk to you soon

hugs Char

Anonymous said...

Wow, a fancy new van, a techie new Blackberry phone, and finished knitting. Are your feet still on this planet, or are you floating a few thousand miles above it? LOL

You have been a very busy lady, and whatever gave you the idea that summer was a lazy and laid back time? It's always been the busiest time for me. I can't garden in the Winter. And don't you know I'm STILL waiting for my tomatoes to ripen! :)