Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Pits

Ok, so way back on the 2nd I started writing a post about how I had the red sweater all the way to the pits but found a stupid mistake which required ripping all the way back to the ribbing. After that, I had a hard time getting back into the damn thing. Then all the holiday stuff started creaping in and things really stalled. Last Friday was a Christmas party for Bran's work and then Saturday I was volunteered to go shopping after my mother invited the girls to go with her. I would have loved it had I not had a ton of knitting sitting at home for me. Ugh.

Not sure what was up with the grumpy puss. She was actually quite happy.

I'm quite please with how this turned out. I've been really working on my finishing and I feel like it gets better each time I attempt it. The little blue sweater is also done but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that.

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Geri said...

That is lovely! Where is the pattern from?

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