Monday, December 01, 2008

It's Limp and It Makes Me Loose

I told you I'd review the new Kollage square circulars today and that about sums it up in a nutshell.

I've never used a needle with a more flexible cable. Normally flexible is good when you're working Magic Loop but in this case, not so much. The cables are flopping around all loosey-goosey and twisting around to beat the band as they hang on the sides in anything but a loop form. To be fair, I ordered the 40" US 1 (2.25mm) and 40" US 2 (2.5mm) and I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume (damn I hate to do that) that the cable thickness will grow with the needle size thereby adding some stiffness to the cable as the needle size increases. These smaller size needles in combination with the limp cable just aren't cutting it for me when trying to knit socks ala ML. I will confess that the more I use them the quicker I'm knitting but I think the speed comes with anything you do over and over. It doesn't make me like them any better. The join is also not smooth at all. At least not on the 2 needles I have. Couple that with the limp cable and well, it's just not good. I'm pulling up loops through the center of the line of stitches to be knit.

It's not all bad though. The one thing I really love about these needles is their shape. As you know, I normally have a problem with being tight. These have drastically changed that. I was quite surprised by this since when I ordered there was a blurb about ordering up a size as most knitters found they had to do this to make gauge with the needles. Not me. I was shocked.

So, would I buy more of these needles? Definitely not for Magic Loop. I might try a couple of the 24" lengths for sweaters though. I really do love that it's hip to knit square.

Almost forgot...Leslie asked if I hadn't tried the Harmony wooden needles. I haven't. I can only assume (there I go again) that since you asked they must have a nice cable and a smooth join. Do tell sweetie. :-)

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Working Mom Knits said...

As you already know, I bout a pair of the straights. I loved, loved, loved the "feel" of the needle. Ihate the dull tips (I like my tips nice and pointy!). Soooo, I am pondering gifting them to a friend vs having my husband sharpen them (he has some wonderful gizmo that heuses to sharpen his stone carving tools)... Can't decide.

ps: I have a few sets of the Harmony's and LOVE them - pointy as all get-out! Mine are the interchangable and the straights - haven't tried the fixed circs so I can't give insight re the join on those. Also, Knitpicks has been fantastic with replacing any/all problem pcs I'd gotten (they had a little bit of a rought start whith the initial production.)

ppss: think I could make this comment any longer?

pppsss: guess I can if I wanted to ask: Dude, have we won any lottery money yet??? : )

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