Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I finished the sweater for Dudette last week. It took all weekend for the fool thing to dry because our room is so cold. And then I once again had to wait for my model to be in a modeling kind of mood. Sheesh.

She loves the sweater and can't wait to wear it. She asked if she might be able to wear it for gym day. I suggested she wait until the weekend. We'll see who wins the war.

Oh, I've been meaning to share a funny little tidbit of info...I started this sweater 2 years ago on the needle recommended and was getting gauge. When I picked it back up I was WAY off. I went down a needle size and was still off but not by enough to warrant going down another. It's amazing to me how much I've relaxed in my knitting. What a difference a couple years can make. :-)


Maureen said...

Sweater came out beautiful! Glad you finished it! Looks adorable on our little one!

Anonymous said...

What a great sweater! The purple looks so good on her!

Anonymous said...

The sweater is gorgeous, and the model is very lovely too. It sure looks like a perfect fit! No wonder she can't wait to wear it. Remember, she is growing every day, and I bet she is fearful she may grow out of it before she gets the chance to enjoy the wearing of it, and showing it off! I bet not many of her friends have such a beautiful, and hand made sweater!!!

Have a good day. :)

Aija said...

Is that the sweater you finished with the yarn I traded you? It looks great!

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