Monday, January 05, 2009

Something Fishy

Well, it was supposed to be for my friend's grandson but Dailaesse batted her sweet little eyes and asked if she could pretty please try it on just to see if it fit.

I know kids are all head but there's no way this would fit a little guy who's not quite a year old yet.

I thought changing the original pattern (worsted weight on size US 7 needles) to that of my own (dk weight on US 5 needles) would work out perfectly. Not.

So now it's back to the drawing board. Guess I'll just have to decrease the number of stitches cast on and fiddle with the rest of the numbers to get a smaller size.

It's all good though because I'm totally looking forward to knitting more of these.


Shelby said...

Ok, even though it's way too big for a little guy, that is SUCH a cute hat!! Love it!

Leslie said...

And I bet Miss D gets to keep this one too ;)

Maureen said...

Love, love, love that fishy hat!! The sweater from previous post looks lovely! Who is it for? Glad you were able to find more yarn to complete!

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