Monday, March 24, 2014

Neon Now

After 8 months I decided it was time to venture out and find a yarn shop. I always look for sock yarn since it doesn't count as stash. ;-)

The first store we found didn't have much of a selection but Dailaesse did find this Neon Now that she liked. I cast on during my flight to Seattle for Vogue and I'm just finally to the toe. Only 4 more rounds! Plus the 2nd sock. 


Leslie said...

oooh -- you went to VKL in Seattle? You ARE coming up in the world ;-P And if Dailaesse should get lost in the snow while wearing those, all she needs to do is stand on her head to be seen.

Sandra Knapp said...

Your daughter has great taste in sock yarn. Those colors scream SPRING!! Very pretty indeed. She will be the envy of every other child in her class. :)

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