Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Up, Up, and Away

Coming home from Vogue Live in Seattle:

Nothing to see but sunshine and fluffy white clouds. This was after it rained almost the entire time we were there and I (thought) I lost my raincoat. I could have sworn I left it on the back of the chair in Starbucks at breakfast one morning. I went back the following morning only to have the kids working there tell me they saw nothing of my coat. I walked away and out the door into the pouring down rain thinking nasty thoughts about the lying sacks working in a dry Starbucks. The following day as we were packing up from the show, Sue pulled a black pile of fabric from under a table. I immediately took back the nasty thoughts. 

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Leslie said...

You're so sanguine about being THAT CLOSE TO ANOTHER PLANE while you're in the air? I would have been sitting in a puddle!

Let's hope you remember this episode when/if Dailaesse ever thinks she looses her coat. ♥

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