Thursday, January 25, 2007

Buttercup Beauty

I have been trying to post for the past 2 days and haven't been able to get photos to upload. I blamed it on Blogger. Turns out it was just the format the pictures were in that was preventing them from loading. Live and learn right?

What I've been dying to show you is the progress Barb has made on her Trinity. She's working it in this gorgeous soft yellow color and it's amazing. She wrote on Monday and said she had started it over the weekend.
Doesn't it just scream SPRING???
Barb also shared with me a picture of her sweet little girl. Look at that face! You'd never guess she was responsible for ripping out 3 hours worth of Barb's first attempt at the jacket and destroying a hank of Alpaca. Think she's lucky she's so darn cute?

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Bridget said...

That really is beautiful!

Uh oh, trouble on four paws ...

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