Thursday, January 18, 2007

Clear as Mud

So many of you have expressed interest in joining the Trinity KAL and I can't tell you how excited I am for that. It would be so much fun to have lots of company! Lots of you have had questions so I'd like to give you all a little more info...

1. It is sized small, medium, and large. The finished measurements (unstretched, of course) are 38, 42, and 46 inches. This jacket has lots of give and seems to run big. My middle monkey normally wears a womans large shirt and she fit fairly easily into the small size. If you need a smaller or larger size it would be very easy to adjust the pattern to fit your needs.

2. The small and medium sizes require 11 hanks of yarn and the large requires 12.

3. Sue sells the Catalina chunky yarns for $12.95 per hank. This is the price BEFORE applying the 10% discount Sue has so graciously offered. When shipping outside NY there is no sales tax. I think the sales tax for customers in NY is 3% but please don't quote me on that. It might be 4%.

Now about my hubby...

1. He asked for a hair cut. A hair cut for him means shaving his head.

2. He had not had a hair cut in quite some time. His hair was a little over 2" long.

3. I shaved all but that one spot on the side of his head.

The thing that struck me as being so funny was that he didn't realize that his entire head was bald except for this spot on the side of his head. He hung out down here with me for almost 45 minutes before he went upstairs for his shower. He WASHED HIS HAIR and still didn't realize that he had a CLUMP OF UNSHAVED HAIR on the side of his BALD head. I laughed and laughed. It wasn't until he got out of the shower and was standing (for the second time mind you) in front of the mirror to shave that he noticed the clump of hair. He came down and headed back to the kitchen so I could shave the spot after he finally noticed it. I refused. He didn't argue and offered to go to work as is. That totally knocked the wind right out of my sails. I shaved the spot. He's still going to forget things (he did tonight) but I'll always have this memory. :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, you are such a devilish little wifey! hahaha

I can't understand how he showered and didn't notice it either, but then, he's a man, what more can be said?

And here I thought you accidently shaved where you weren't supposed to. And here it was you DIDN'T shave where you were supposed is funny. I agree with you there.


Susan Hird said...

Funny, funny girl. However, that is NOT going to cure him of his forgetfulness. I'm afraid you'll just have to learn to love even that part of him, and find ways to help him compensate for it. AND, next time he takes his toolbox out, YOU make sure it's safely in the vehicle, and maybe ask his friends to do the same when he comes back home. After all, all men are just big boys. :-)

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