Wednesday, January 03, 2007


So early Monday afternoon I was on my way to Lake Placid to do some quick grocery shopping. You see, my parents invited us to dinner since Dan and Darcie were finally coming home from spending the last half of winter break with their ass of a father and my mom decided it would be lovely to make a fruit salad. Of course she didn't have any of the ingredients to make the fruit salad. On the way to Lake Placid there are 2 spots where the east bound lane goes from one lane to 2. At the first one I stayed in the left hand lane since I was doing the speed limit and just kept watch behind me to be sure there wasn't anyone there who would want to go by. I'm not unreasonable and I realize that not everyone is as attracted to doing the speed limit as I am. There wasn't a soul in sight. Just as the right hand lane merged back with the left I spotted a red car coming up on the right. It was already past my back bumper. There was my lane and about 1 foot of the right hand lane left at this point along with 4 cars in the west bound lane and a nice steep, deep bank to my right. I'm no rocket scientist but I knew damn right well the car on the right of me wasn't going to fit on the shoulder and that 1 foot of road that was left unless I stopped and let him go by or hurtled myself into the oncoming traffic. I slammed on my brakes, hit the horn, and prayed that the car would make it by without hitting me. It made it by and continued past at an incredibly high rate of speed. I sat there for a few seconds and then quickly accelerated hoping I'd be able to catch up with the car to confirm the license plate number. Nope. There was no catching up although the car (a red Cadillac) did have to slow down once it caught up with a Jeep that was up ahead of me.

So at the second spot where the road changes to 2 lanes the Cadillac pulls out and passes the Jeep on the right side. By this time I'm almost to the grocery store and even though the Cadillac has a substantial lead, I can still see it when it goes around the corners. I thought for sure they would speed right by the entrance to the shopping plaza and head downtown but they didn't. They pulled into the parking lot just a few cars ahead of me. They parked close to the end of the parking lot while I opted for a spot closer to the building. By the time I got out of the van they were already a foot away from the van. They were looking over at me and laughing. That pissed me off. I told them that the way they were driving and the fact that they had almost caused a very serious accident was no laughing matter and that they were lucky I hadn't called the troopers. One of the smart assed kids (I'm assuming the driver) laughed, shrugged his shoulders, and said "Whatever. I thought it was funny." That made me even more angry. I told him he should think about the other people sharing the road with him that have families and young children. He mumbled something I couldn't make out and kept walking towards the store. The pack of kids (there were 5 or 6 of them) were heading towards the doors on the left side of the building while I was heading towards the doors on the right side. One girl broke away from the pack and started rushing towards me. She got in my face and told me the first smart ass has a family and that she was his sister. She then told me I was an asshole who needed to learn to do the speed limit. I pointed out to her that if I were indeed as big of an asshole as any of them that I would have run them off the road and left them in the ditch. She backed away and kept hollering as she walked into the store. I took my phone out of my pcket and called the troopers.

Since I had to shop quickly and get back home in time to put my stuff away and then head to save my babies from the ogre, I was told I could stop to the barracks later that evening to sign a statement. Which I did at 8 that night. That's when I learned that the kid driving the car is only 18 years old. Only 3 years older than my son. I was disgusted. What the hell is the world coming to? He is an 18 year old child driving a $40,000 vehicle. Recklessly. And to top it off, he and his sister are disrespectful and obnoxious. Sad.

I went home and told my kids that if they ever even thought of acting like that they'd be peddling their bicycles for a very long time. Of course this came after I gave them the "just because I've never spanked you doesn't mean I can't start / I'll blister your ass so hard you won't be able to sit for years" speech.


Susan Hird said...

This sort of thing happens just too too often. These kids are at the stage in life where they think they are invincible and immortal. One day they WILL grow up, and realise what utter idiots they are........that is of course provided they don't kill themselves (or God forbid, someone else) in the meantime. My younger brother was killed in a car accident caused by a young driver overtaking on a bend and hitting my brother coming the other way. Both drivers (both aged 20) were killed. That was 19 years ago, and sadly, not much has changed. People still don't realise the lethality of vehicles.

Anonymous said...

Remember his name - you'll see it in an accident or court report in the not so distant future. You're a good momma - keep it up!

p.s. my verification actually has edsdumb :) Is the kid named Ed by chance?

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you had to endure such rudeness and agressive drivers. I don't know what is happening in the world these days, but it seems to be getting worse by the day. Sometimes I wonder if anyone knows how to say "thank you" or even "hello" at times.

I'm just so thankful that you are alive and safe.

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