Friday, January 26, 2007

Sol Joy

This is the moment we've all been waiting for! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! The new Sol Joy sock yarn from Catalina is here. RIGHT. HERE. RIGHT. NOW. I have goose bumps.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Shaun, the owner of Catalina Yarns, earlier today. I must say that I wish everyone could be lucky enough to speak with him. He is amazingly brilliant and knows all the super details about the yarns he sells right down to the history of the animals the fibers come from. Fascinating. Both Shaun and Sue are decent, honest, and friendly people who take a great deal of pride in their businesses and I'm so incredibly proud to know them. And no, they've not paid me to say that. LOL

And now without further ado is a word from Shaun...

The response to Kerry's review of our new hand-painted sock yarn, Sol Joy, has been overwhelming. At the time and even now, we were market testing the new line with selected consumers and had planned a formal launch for some weeks from now as we are still in pre-production. The release of the yarn via Kerry's blog has turned out to be, truly, a happy accident.

Many knitters and several of our retail customers read Kerry's blog and asked us to move up our launch of the new line even if it meant releasing one color at a time and in limited quantities. The response has been so intense, we have been persuaded to move up the release using pre-production stock.

1. Starting today, Friday, January 26, on her Blog, Kerry will preview with you a new color for the Sol Joy sock line. We will release one new color every Friday on Kerry's Blog.
2. Available stock will be limited because these are pre-production quantities. First come, first served. If we run out of that color you can place a back-order with the retailer.
3. Adirondack Yarns will be filling the online orders of visitors to Kerry's blog.
4. Anyone buying Sol Joy, via Kerry's blog and Adirondack Yarns (see Link), will be the first consumers in the US to receive this new yarn and in that color.

SOL JOY: A Review of the Yarn and More Detail.
Sol Joy is a new hand-painted sock yarn offered by Catalina Yarns.
. The basics:
o Superwash merino wool,
o 100 gram braided hank,
o 328 yards,
o $19.95 suggested retail.
o Woollen spun!
o Eight initial colorways
. The yarn is woollen spun rather than worsted spun. Thus the fibers are not parallel. The overlapping fibers trap air and insulate more than worsted yarns in the same fiber. Your socks will truly be woolen socks.
. Woollen spun yarns have an uncommon spring or bounce (or 'sproing' as Kerry says). You won't believe it.
. The colorways are designed to be more subtle and understated than most sock yarns now available. The method for calculating and creating the color-way repeat is proprietary and prevents unwanted pooling.
. The yarn is re-hanked after hand-painting so the yarn, as you see it in the braided hank, presents a truer sense of what the colorway will look like when knit up.
. This hand-painted yarn will never bleed.
. This yarn is actually super-wash fiber. Knitted socks will not shrink.
. Knitters and fiber enthusiasts are tactile. So we added some fun and another layer to the sensory experience of fiber. Smell the yarn when you receive it. What do you smell? Strawberries? Green Apples?

The first color-way we are releasing is called Meadow. See the image below.

If you would like to order this yarn, contact Adirondack Yarns by email. Tell them what you would like to order (Sol Joy), how many hanks, and provide your shipping address and phone number. Adirondack Yarns will confirm your order by email and call you to secure payment information. Starting next week you will be able to order this yarn directly from Adirondack Yarns website rather than by email.


Maia said...

Dangrously tempting!

Must. Resist

or is it

Resistance is futile.

Amy Turkowsky said...

Kerry - I love that yarn! It's georgous.
Also ... I lost your email, and I wanted to let you know that I haven't heard from my SP9 spoiler in over a month or so. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


you are truly evil! the yarn sounds wonderful BUT these are not my colors so i am safe ... so far! ;o}

Anonymous said...

I'm safe for now. The colorway looks delicious though, can't wait to see the others.

Susan Hird said...

Itchy fingers, but no money; how sad. Will just have to wait a few weeks, and hope that I get more work than I have been getting. That's the trouble with working agency, especially at this time of year.

Anonymous said...

hey, i have a pal question and cant find your email :-P

Anonymous said...

hiya sweetie...thanks for stopping by!! you're right about treating myself to some brooks farms yarn...if only I could remember which kind it was right up front at rhinebeck too!!! LOL!!
in the meantime, I'm mullin over the Sol is gorgeous!!!

VickiR said...

As for the sport weight yardage for a pair of socks, I'd like a skein to have 400-420 yards just so I'm not afraid of running out!

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