Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Firecrackers, Firecrackers...Boom, Boom, BOOM!

We didn't do much of anything today. Bran and Dailaesse went out to play for a few minutes this morning while I did a little housework. They came back in covered with little bugs. I have no idea what these things are but they are all over the place. They are almost transparent and no bigger than the head of a pin. I showered Dailaesse and banished the dog to the kitchen. This afternoon we took the van through the car wash. That was loaded with them too. I've been hoping it would rain and wash them away. I wish I had taken pictures of them now. Maybe someone would have been able to identify them.

Lake Placid had their fireworks last night. We had thought of going but since the horse show is still in progress we decided against it. It's hard to get a parking spot over there on a good day. We were going to go to our fireworks tonight but Dailaesse stripped to her underwear and informed us she was in for the night. She said they would be too loud for her little baby girl ears anyway. What a kid. I'm going to sneak out onto the porch as soon as I hear the booms start and see if I can't get some pictures.

I hope you enjoyed whatever it is that you spent time doing today and that you have a safe evening! Happy fourth!

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