Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Birthday Girl

Thanks so much for all the wonderful wishes for a happy birthday! You all made my day! We didn't do anything out of the ordinary last night. Bran was supposed to work so we planned to order dinner out and eat quick so he could get out early. He ended up not having to go until tonight but we still ordered out. :-)

The birthday goodness continued today when I received this awesome package from my secret pal...

I had to hold the baby back from the balloons so I could get a quick picture. She couldn't wait to play with them. She took them into the cellar and pushed them through the cat door. This amused her far longer than I ever anticipated. She giggled like crazy each time she would pop one through the door. Of course we all pretended to be scared and discussed our theory on how the balloons were getting through the door. We all agreed there must have been a huge mouse in the cellar pushing the balloons out. Pal, thanks so much for the hours of amusement!

My wonderful pal also included some gorgeous River Run CTH sock yarn, River Ripple sock pattern, and organic Dove milk chocolate for my amusement. Yum! There was also a great birthday card and a beautiful picture frame which are always desperately needed around here. Thanks so very much pal for such a great package!!! I can't wait to get that CTH on the needles.

I'm hoping I can some how drag this birthday out all week long. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Glad the balloons and gifts were a hit! I meant to tell you that pattern is from my LYS and was designed by one of the teachers there for the 3 year anniversary. Hope you like it. I will have to see what I can come up with for the next package that can entertain as well as the balloons! Hope you had a great day!
Your secret pal

Anonymous said...

Leave it to a toddler to come up with a more amusing way to kill time! LOL

Glad your Birthday was a good one!

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