Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Bran and the kids took me to Ronnie's for dinner tonight. It's a hot dog stand almost an hour away. (Are you noticing anything here at all? We travel great distances to get to our favorite restaurants and diners.) They have THE best michigans. It's worth the drive. Then we went to the ice cream stand down the road. I got a sundae in a waffle cone. Yummy. I treated myself to these the other day:

Just as yummy and no calories. My mom took me to get the flowers for my window boxes and the basket I always hang out at the road. She also got me the most gorgeous Dahlia. And some tomato plants. If it weren't dark out I'd show pictures of those too. I'll have to share them tomorrow. Oh, my mom also PLANTED all my goodies for me today. I love flowers but I just don't care for the upkeep of them. My mom loves to be in the gardens. Me, I'd rather be knitting.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you! I hope you had an incredible day!


Leslie said...

What, please, is a Michigan? I think it's some sort of hot dog dish but it seems to only exist in the greater Albany -Northway area....

laura said...

happy mother's day - belatedly and how are you?
love that purple... nice green too.
new blog for you to come visit, and of course my other blog. miss our chats.
what's up with the evil X?
hope all well.
and what a sweet mommy to give the wee one GREEN FEET !:L

Marji said...

too funny, I spent my entire childhood in upstate NY, then the rest of my life in Michigan, and I've Never heard of a food called a "michigan". I second the question: What is it?
and me too, I'd rather be knitting, although I love plants. When I lived within driving distance of my mom she used to come to my house on mothers day and plant my flowers for me. She despairs that I didn't inherit her gardening gene.
love the Opal goodies.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, my two loves...........knitting AND gardening. Summer months are a struggle getting enough of both because the garden usually wins. But the needles are still kept busy, just not quite as much as during the colder months. Your Mom is a dear to not only provide you with the beautiful plants, but to plant them as well. Now, who is going to keep them weeded out? Don't tell me, maybe Dailaesse?


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