Monday, May 08, 2006

Sit 'N Spin

You all remember them right? You either had one when you were a kid or your kids had one when they were little. They've been around for what seems like forever. The child hops on the large disk on the bottom and then turns the "wheel" that sits atop the post protruding from the bottom disk. The wheel turns the bottom disk which in turn spins the child. Hours of entertainment. Unless...

Saturday morning Dailaesse had a HUGE bowl of oatmeal. When I say huge, I mean HUGE. She then proceeded to bug her father for her "Turn Turn." This is the name of the infamous Sit 'N Spin at our house. Now, let me just say that the "Turn Turn" was in the basement because Dailaesse insisted on using it as a step stool. As you can imagine, a 2 year old standing on top of a wobbly piece of plastic that spins in circles is just asking for trouble. Almost as much trouble as a 3 year old who has just eaten a HUGE bowl of oatmeal (just to be fair to the Quaker Oats dude, I do admit that it wasn't the oatmeal's could have been any food product eaten in large quantities) and now wants a go on the twirling piece of plastic.

I argues until I was blue in the face. The Bran says, "What's it going to hurt?" I warned them both that the outcome wasn't going to be a good one. He brought the "Turn Turn" up from the basement and Dailaesse promptly jumped on. She spun. Man did she spin. For about 5 minutes. Then she stopped. She looked a "I think I'm gonna puke," she says. I told her to sit and rest for a bit and hope that her belly started feeling better. She laid on the couch for about half an hour. She got up and started jumping around. She ran and played and seemed fine. Hmmm. Guess it really didn't hurt anything. I got up to go to the bathroom and my shadow followed right behind. I had no sooner sat on the Porcelain Throne when Dailaesse said it again, "I think I'm gonna..."

Damn it's good to be right. Guess who cleaned it up? Oh no, not the Queen. King Brandon was put in charge of that one. Bet you can't guess where the Sit 'N Spin is.

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Leslie said...

It's good to see you still have your priorities in order, Kerry! Sometimes it's hard to tell where otherwise intelligent men keep their minds...

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