Thursday, May 25, 2006

You say eBay, I say Etsy...

Once again, I feel as though I should stand and say, "Hi. My name is Kerry and I'm an addict."

Why? Well, know all those great Flash Your Stash posts everyone does? Let's just say that the reason you get mine in bits and pieces as it comes in is because my stash is rather extensive. So much so that it's embarrassing. Really. There was discussion between the SP8 hostesses today about 2 women who robbed a yarn store. The store owner was invited to the house of one of the women who robbed her (By the woman's husband. I chuckled at that. Poor man must have been feeling buried. Literally.) to recover her merchandise. $13,000 in yarn the woman took. Can you imagine? Those poor lovely skeins of yarn robbed from their home at the store by some maniac who didn't love them enough to pay for them? I'm sure she couldn't have been taking very good care of those darling little skeins if she was loser enough to steal them in the first place. Anyway, one of the hostesses asked if you could imagine having a stash that large. And it made me think, "Why yes, yes I can imagine having a stash that large." Which made me think I might have a wee bit of a problem. And like any true addict, I must say that it's not my fault. Wanna know who's fault it is?

First I have to blame eBay. I mean really, you can find IT there. I have lots of IT in nice clear storage bins to prove it.

Then I have to blame Sue for opening her unbelievably wonderful store. All that and it's only 15 minutes away. You wouldn't be able to resist either. Admit it.

Last but not least is the newly discovered Etsy. I'm in love. You can find the most marvelous creations there and it's all made by hand in one way or another. I have to tell you, since finding Etsy I've not been haunting eBay much at all. I have met several sellers on eBay though that I'll always go back to for certain things because they're so great.

So, without further ado...

From one of my favorite eBay sellers we have (starting in the back row and moving clockwise) blue Opal Dreamcatcher, 2 Opal Petticoats, and old Opal in green with strips of almost every other color imaginable, a blue & brown Opal with Silk, 2 hanks of Opal Hagebutte and finally 2 skeins of the new Regia Bamboo. The Regia Bamboo has the nicest feel. I suggest trying it as soon as possible.

Then there's this:

All these sock yarns were purchased from Etsy stores. The first is PINKS from Rubysapphire Yarns, the next is Vivid Blues from Black Bunny Fibers, and the remaining 3 are Crocus, Earth&Ocean and Lilac from Yarn Pirate.

I also bought a couple (OK, it was 4 DAMN IT!!!) new skeins of Fleece Artist merino from Sue the other day. The new colors are so pretty. I already put them away so I'll have to try to remember to bring the camera upstairs with me to take a pic of them.

I also did some Secret Pal shopping while at Sue's for the box of goodies I'm putting together for my pal. I've already sent the first package and can't wait to find out if she likes what I chose. I also got an email from my pal the night before last. I was so thrilled to hear from her. Hi pal!!! She's told me I should have a package coming sometime around the end of the week so I'll keep you all posted.


Leslie said...

Kerry darling, have you gone to David Daniels' site? He sells on Etsy. I'm knitting a shawl from some of his hand colored lace weight (Dancing Violets) - I have some of his Cabin Cove colorway for socks for himself. And on top of it all? Dave's a really nice guy....

I hate to feed your stash so that it'll outgrow the house, but -- oh what the heck! Why should you be different from me! :)

Anonymous said...

I got some sock yarn from Black Bunny Fibers and it knits like a dream! When I'm finished I plan to ask Dave to dye some fingering weight in greens for me. His colors are outstanding.

Miss Priss Knits said...

OMG that is pretty lame robbing a yarn store. I blame my stash on Ebay and Etsy as well it's hard not to click the buy it now selection. What great deals they do have through.

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