Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

I know lots of people think today unlucky, but I never have. I've always welcomed Friday the 13th. It's always brought me incredible luck.

The boys won their game tonight. The score was 6-7. I love games that are that close. They keep you right on the edge of your seat. (They also won this past Saturday. Score was 13-6. I was waiting to post a picture or 2 but the school doesn't have any posted yet.) Tonight's win made us division champs. That's huge. The boys have worked so hard this year. I'm so proud of them. They've only had one loss and that wasn't a division game. Our best runner was taken to the hospital tonight after being knocked unconscious. Word is he's doing fine but if you'd like to say a little prayer I'm sure it wouldn't hurt. :-) Next Saturday is the last game for JV and we play here at home. It's homecoming weekend and the team we play is a division below us so it should be a nice easy win for the boys. Keep your fingers crossed.

We left the game and stopped for gas. I ran in to use the potty and the football lottery tickets caught my eye on the way out. I had left my wallet in the van but mentioned it to Bran when I got back out. He took $10 in and got 2 tickets. I scratched them and won $20. We went and grabbed a quick bite at Burger King then went back and got 2 more tickets. I scratched them and won again. This went on for a half hour. I'd get a couple more tickets and keep a little cash. We ended up leaving with $75 more than we had started with. I won well over $100. Of course had I not kept buying a ticket or 2 each time I won a little I wouldn't have ended up with the final $75.

Then, I walked in the house tonight and found this on my kitchen counter.

This amazing box is from my KTS2 pal Trish and contained these awesome goodies...

Another beautiful card, PG Tips black tea, Stash double spice chai, lemony tea pot shaped cookies, a ginger in dark chocolate bar, a hank of hand dyed Opal (one of my faves) in a gorgeous green colorway, 2 hanks of Koigu (another one of my faves), beautiful green beaded stitch markers, an entrelac dishcloth, and MY NEW FAVORITE TEA CUP AND SAUCER!!! Can you believe it??? Thank you so very much Trish!!! I absolutely love everything! You totally went above and beyond and I am just blown away by your generosity. I hope your pal was as good to you.


Maureen said...

I too love Fridays the 13ths.. my sister and I always send each other some sort of thing having to do with bats... just silly I guess. Sounds like you had a wonderful day especially with your tea pal! Amazing gifts!

Shelby said...

Wow! I never have that kind of luck with lottery tickets! And what a great KTS2 package! The cup/saucer are SO lovely! And the yarn...I'm drooling!

Anonymous said...

All I can say it that was certainly your LUCKY day. I'm happy for you. What wonderful goodies.

S :)

Starfish said...

Wow! You should have went and bought some state lottery tickets! Great gifts from your pal too!

Anonymous said...

That blue yarn is absolutely gorgeous!!

trish said...

Kerry, I'm so glad you enjoyed the swap items. I had fun reading your blog to get ideas...when I saw the post about no proper tea cups, I knew I had to remedy that situation! I have a collection of china tea cups, so had to send one your way. Aren't those cards lovely? I got them from Knitters' Review.

your KTS2 swapper,

Polly said...

The next Friday the 13th come out here to Vegas baby!

Congrats to the football team. I remember being on short flags when my HS team won the division... it was emotionally and I was just twirling during pep rallies and half time!

Diane said...

Ummmm hand dyed Opal is one of my favorites too.

Congrats to Dan and team on their latest win.

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