Sunday, October 22, 2006

Long Overdue

I received a package from my Hot Socks pal Paula on Thursday afternoon. It was filled with wonderful goodies. Just look at the great stuff she sent:

Paula sent me some amazing Twinings Darjeeling and MarketSpice Connoisseur's Tea (which I'm sipping as I type), some fruit and walnut treats and some See's Candies (not in the picture because they went too fast) that brought back wonderful memories of my Grandpa who used to send me See's all the time from California where he lived, some foot soak and lotion, a pretty postcard from her home state of Washington, a handy little knitter's book to keep inventory of all my goodies, and last but not least, a gorgeous hank of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Huckleberry and a Mountain Colors pattern to knit it into. Thank you so much Paul for the awesome package!!! Thursday was the worst day I had all week and it was so nice to have something to cheer me up at the end of the day. Your timing couldn't have been any better and the things you chose were just perfect.

I also want to thank everyone for taking time out to say a prayer and for leaving a note. Having you share your stories with me has meant more than you will ever know and I just appreciate you so much for doing it.

This past week was incredibly stressful. I had to take the kids to see the law guardian on Monday morning. I always dread that since she's never seemed the least bit interested in helping the kids. She's also not ever been a fan of mine and has accused me of turning the kids against their father even though that couldn't be farther from the truth. For the first time in 10 years, the kids emerged from her office with smiles on their faces. I was elated to say the least. Tuesday morning brought a phone call from our attorney that was full of promise and made me actually look forward to the court hearing I had Thursday. True to form, none of the violations the ex has made to the new order were brought up other than the fact that he didn't go for the evaluation like he was suppose to. And, like usual, he was given yet another chance. So we now go back to court in January and all the abuse the kids have suffered is once again swept under the rug. I was discouraged and then to have our lawyer tell me that the kids might not be telling me the exact truth about the abuse was enough to push me over the edge. He told me that kids tend to be dramatic and like to embellish things so it might not really be as bad as it sounds for them when they're at their fathers. This is coming from a man who has NO children himself AND that we're paying $200 an hour to fight for our kids. I put on a smile and politely told himt hat was not the case and we went our separate ways. I called him later in the afternoon to ask a question only to have him treat me like crap. Not a good day.

But this weekend was homecoming weekend and there were lots of people at the football game. We tied 6-6 which really sucked but at least we didn't take a loss. My aunt came up for the game and then spent the afternoon with us. We went to Lake Placid to buy shoes and boots for the baby since we got about 4" of snow on Friday and she had outgrown her boots from last year. I did a little grocery shopping and then came home to start dinner. We had homemade spaghetti and meatballs and Aunt Noreen stayed and ate with us. We couldn't have had a better day if we had tried. Today I am surrounded by my family watching the race with a great cup of tea and my knitting. Life is good.


lorinda said...

Oh sweetie, I had no idea. Praying for you and your kids.

I used to be a counselor, and sometimes kids did embellish. But they don't make stuff up ex nihilo. There's truth in all their stories, and they need to be believed.

Prayers for the truth to be told and for healing. And for a real advocate for you and your kids.

Leslie said...

I would suggest you specifically ask your attorney why the violations of the order were not addressed at this hearing. I would ask in writing, and politely and indicate I would like an answer in writing within a week. If there is no answer forthcoming, or if the answer is not satisfactory, I would ask for an appointment to discuss your dissatisfaction with the representation.

And I can't post through using my blogger sign in anymore because I went to the beta and you haven't. Oh joy! And once you change, Kerry, you can't go back (be afraid, very afraid) LOL.

Starfish said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry all of that crap continues. Hopefully you'll get a break soon. I can't believe they don't listen to the violations. You would think they would have the best interests of the kids in mind.

Glad that knitting and tea, and being with your family more than make up for it!

Polly said...

Good luck with all that mess. It's horrible that the kids have to endure it.

Diane said...

Ok so first your ex spends excessive time trying to talk your kids into believeing that they were not abused by him and his new wife. Now your lawyer is telling you that same thing. If nothing happened then what could they embellish?

Hang in there. Sooner or later something has to happen. Either he'll screw up so bad that the courts will have to take action or he'll continue to ignore everything he's supose to do and the courts will say enough already.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you are having to continue putting up with all this bullshit! Your lawyer has me pissed of and it's not even my problem!! I certainly wish you and the kids all the best. It would help if your lawyer did the same and put an end to this nonsense for you and the kids.

I'm glad your day ended well. Now, your kitty, on the other hand, we a very naughty boy. But doesn't he just look like the most innocent little darling?? LOL


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