Sunday, August 06, 2006

Finish What You Start

I know I'm not alone in this and I know my list of UFO's isn't as bad as it could be but...

These beauties were set aside to finish a pair of socks for Bran. Which I did finish but now have to repair. (No, I still haven't gotten around to that yet.) Anywho, these are Glad Ragg socks and were the sock for the SixSoxKAL several (ok, many) months ago. The pattern can now be found in the new Friendly Socks book.

This was set aside for the simple fact that I absolutely hate working with acrylic. I don't think I've done more than 5 rows on it since I posted a picture of it last. It will eventually become a wrap sweater for Dailaesse.

This sweater was started as a quick alternative to the white monster above. All I have to do is finish the last sleeve and assemble it. It is the Baby Bees pattern and I love how it's worked up. Very cute. I can't wait to take Dailaesse to choose the buttons for it. Unless I decide to put a zipper in it. That's still a little up in the air.

Then there's the Crusoe socks. I've completed the first and have just started the heel flap on the second. None of the above projects will be touched until I finish these babies. They are a special gift for a special friend and have to be done within the next week or so. With knitting time being so limited in the summer I know I shouldn't be starting anything else but Pomatomus and the Embossed Leaves socks from the IK magazine are taunting me.

And don't think that's the end of the WIP's either. There's also a vest that was started so long ago that it's buried so far in the back of the craft closet that it'll take me a year to get to it. And once I do it won't fit anymore because I was a lot smaller when I started it. Don't worry though, it's keeping a sweater I started for Darcie when she was 3 company along with an afghan I started for Dan when he was 5. That's right, the afghan is 10 years old.

Damn, I'm starting to feel really guilty.


maggieBB said...

well, you might feel guilty - but i feel a lot better about my own WIPs! ;)

..though... i think i'll go try to finish one up right now, just to be safe...

Shelby said...

Awesome! I love seeing how much better off everyone else is! Wait until you see mine... Yikes! If I can find them all! I have such a short attention span!

Leslie said...

I may not have any UFO's as old as yours (in fact, I don't have any UFO's because when I decide not to do them I frog 'em!) but I do have some yarn that's moved with me from CT to VT to NH and 2 houses in MA - in fact, it may have recently celebrated a 25th birthday. And it's acrylic - the yarn that never dies :).

:L, Laura said...

so does D want buttons or a zip? that will solve the blue issue??
let her pick. and say goodbye to the white acrylic!

i'm destashing madly.
and tossing most of it.

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